Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium

 Prairie Seeds Collecting Dates (May - September)

compiled by Wayne Pauly and Amanda Coyle - August 1977 for Dane County Highway & Transportation Dept.





August - September

Plants are listed under the earliest date that seeds were ripe and collected in Dane County, using eight years of data. Habitat code: D = dry; M = mesic; W = wet

Wet prairie -has more water than rainfall with water running on from surrounding land. Al flat and poorly drained area.
Mesic prairie -the water soaks in and there is no standing water. It has good internal drainage.
Dry prairie -it has less water than rainfall because the water runs off, often on thin soil, limestone ridges, or steep hillsides.

May 15 -31: 

DM Anemone patens L. var. multifida Pritz. pasque flower
DM Geum triflorum Pursh var. triflorum prairie smoke
DM Antennaria neglecta Greene pussy-toes, field

June 1-31
DM Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richardson pussy-toes, plantain-leaves
DM Pedicularis canadensis L. subsp. canadensis wood betony

June 16-30
DMW Heuchera richardsonii R.Br. allum-root
DM Sisyrinchium campestre E.P.Bicknell blue-eyed grass
D Aquilegia canadensis L. columbine
DMW Krigia biflora (Walter) cynthia, two-flowered
M Geranium maculatum L. geranium, wild
MW Castilleja coccinea (L.) Spreng. Indian paintbrush
DM Lupinus perennis L. lupine, wild
DM Stipa spartea Trin. needle grass
M Packera paupercula (Michx.) A.Löve & D.Löve ragwort, balsam
MW Saxifraga pensylvanica L. saxifrage, swamp

July 1-15
W Angelica atropurpurea L. angelica
D Helianthemum bicknellii Fernald frostweed, Bicknell
MW Allium canadense L. var. canadense garlic, wild
MW Camassia scilloides (Raf.) Cory hyacinth, wild
D Ceanothus herbaceus Raf. New Jersey tea, early
DM Taenidia integerrima (L.) Drude pimpernel, yellow
DMW Dodecatheon meadia L. subsp. meadia shooting star
DMW Tradescantia ohiensis Raf. spiderwort
DMW Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. subsp. umbellata toadflax, bastard
M Vicia sativa L. subsp. nigra (L.) Ehrh. vetch

July 16-31
D Helianthemum canadense (L.) Michx. frostweed
DMW Phlox pilosa L. phlox, downy
DM Blephilia ciliata (L.) Benth. wood mint, downy

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