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Total Records: 76
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Viola sororia Iron 6/14/1975 Koch, Rudy G. 9537 SUWS011419
Viola sororia Douglas 6/12/1942 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5032 SUWS011420
Viola sororia Douglas 6/9/1943 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5430 SUWS011420b
Viola sororia Douglas 6/7/1965 Brashier s.n. SUWS011421
Viola sororia Douglas 5/19/1980 Koch, Rudy G. 11952 SUWS011422
Viola sororia Douglas 6/7/1965 Brashier s.n. SUWS011423
Viola sororia Bayfield 6/10/1965 Brashier s.n. SUWS011424
Viola sororia Polk 5/18/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 19 SUWS014881
Viola sororia Bayfield 5/13/2001 Anderson, Lisa 2001/15 SUWS016536
Viola sororia Douglas 5/21/2007 Anderson, Derek S. 670 SUWS018085
Viola sororia Grant 4/27/1969 Yager, Thomas 98 uwpl001873
Viola sororia Grant 9/29/1964 Winders, William R. s.n. uwpl001874
Viola sororia Grant 5/3/1957 Corpian, Joyce s.n. uwpl001875
Viola sororia Lafayette 4/27/1969 Yager, Thomas 95 uwpl001885
Viola sororia Lafayette 4/27/1969 Yager, Thomas 94 uwpl001889
Viola sororia Lafayette 5/11/1941 Mueller, Irene M. s.n. uwpl001890
Viola sororia Grant 4/25/1941 Botany Class s.n. uwpl001891
Viola sororia Grant 4/25/1941 Miller, I. s.n. uwpl001892
Viola sororia Lafayette 4/24/1986 Moeller, Brian 5 uwpl006807
Viola sororia Grant 5/18/1989 Margan, Mike 7 uwpl007714
Viola sororia Grant 10/4/1989 Klink, Vince P. 72 uwpl007733
Viola sororia Grant 5/8/1998 Wunderlin, Aaron 31 uwpl008293
Viola sororia Grant 9/17/2000 Dremsa, Jason 11 uwpl08419
Viola sororia Columbia 5/5/1995 Wolf, Alexandria s.n. UWSP120439
Viola sororia Walworth 5/6/1995 Szewczynski, Brian s.n. UWSP120443
Viola sororia La Crosse 5/29/1995 McConaghy, David 22 UWSP121072
Viola sororia Wood 6/3/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP122559
Viola sororia Wood 6/3/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP122604
Viola sororia Waushara 5/14/1996 George, Tanja 10 UWSP124220
Viola sororia Marathon 9/17/1999 Misslin, Sarah 18 UWSP124225
Viola sororia Trempealeau 5/4/1996 Romanski, Mark s.n. UWSP124238
Viola sororia Portage 5/9/1997 Luther, Joseph s.n. UWSP124862
Viola sororia Portage 5/8/1997 Haas, Israel s.n. UWSP124885
Viola sororia Ozaukee 5/9/1997 Grasso, Gina s.n. UWSP125199
Viola sororia Taylor 5/10/1997 Sensenbrenner, Charlie 04 UWSP125239
Viola sororia Forest 6/21/1997 Kuehn, Thomas R. 20 UWSP125307
Viola sororia Wood 5/10/1969 Mori, Scott A. 449 UWSP125714
Viola sororia Brown 4/26/1998 Monfort, Denny s.n. UWSP125841
Viola sororia Waushara 5/3/1998 Humphrey, Tricia D. s.n. UWSP125949
Viola sororia Milwaukee 4/25/1998 Herrmann, Matt s.n. UWSP125981
Viola sororia Portage 5/22/1980 Personius, David G. s.n. UWSP126624
Viola sororia Waukesha 5/1/1999 Buford, Jason C. 18 UWSP128773
Viola sororia Wood 5/2/1999 Reiman, Jason M. s.n. UWSP128790
Viola sororia Jackson 4/4/1999 Osterberg, Nicolas s.n. UWSP128817
Viola sororia Vernon 4/24/1999 Pope, Andrew s.n. UWSP128843
Viola sororia Outagamie 5/1/1999 Gargo, Lucas 04 UWSP128850
Viola sororia Crawford 4/29/1999 Adams, Jeff 13 UWSP128943
Viola sororia Polk 5/21/2000 Alen, Mark 51 UWSP130627
Viola sororia Marquette 4/28/2000 Doering, Lisa 1 UWSP130679
Viola sororia Waushara 5/6/2001 Sierk, Gretchen s.n. UWSP131772
Viola sororia La Crosse 5/5/2001 Sattell, Benjamin s.n. UWSP131789
Viola sororia Sawyer 5/14/2001 Naylor, Tina 01 UWSP131857
Viola sororia Trempealeau 5/5/2001 O'Dell, Sadie s.n. UWSP131989
Viola sororia La Crosse 5/5/2001 Niedfeldt, Kyle s.n. UWSP132026
Viola sororia Waupaca 5/2/2001 Saeger, Trevor 11 UWSP132056
Viola sororia Marathon 5/1/2000 Studinski, Jered s.n. UWSP132332
Viola sororia Grant 5/5/2002 Drewieske, Kevin 09 UWSP133991
Viola sororia Vernon 5/2/2002 Hagmann, Kristen s.n. UWSP134001
Viola sororia Monroe 5/4/2002 Raiten, James s.n. UWSP134010
Viola sororia Sheboygan 4/28/2002 Domke, Grant s.n. UWSP136812
Viola sororia Taylor 6/7/1995 Fields, Douglas M. 2321 UWSP137170
Viola sororia Marathon 5/3/2003 Harris, Matt s.n. UWSP138001
Viola sororia Kewaunee 5/16/2004 Sinkula, Adam s.n. UWSP139258
Viola sororia Calumet 9/24/2005 Horswill, Tony s.n. UWSP140847
Viola sororia La Crosse 4/25/2004 Spangler, Josh s.n. UWSP141388
Viola sororia Waukesha 5/2/2004 Schuppe, Mark 14 UWSP141393
Viola sororia Dane 4/24/2004 Smith, Samantha s.n. UWSP141490
Viola sororia Polk 5/2/2006 Anderson, Derek S. 546 UWSP141595
Viola sororia Columbia 5/1/2004 Voltz, Adam T. 15 UWSP141688
Viola sororia Milwaukee 5/8/2004 Bolton, Elizabeth 15 UWSP141822a
Viola sororia Grant 5/13/2006 Baum, Ailena M. s.n. UWSP142110
Viola sororia Grant 5/13/2006 Baum, Ailena M. s.n. UWSP142111
Viola sororia Wood 5/19/2006 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP142781
Viola sororia Langlade 5/4/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010: 171 UWSP156047
Viola sororia Polk 5/12/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1478 UWSP163246
Viola sororia Polk 5/12/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1475 UWSP163292

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