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Total Records: 33
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Veronica americana Douglas 8/23/1943 Fassett, N.C. s.n. SUWS015202
Veronica americana Bayfield 6/26/1975 Stackler, Susan 75-491 SUWS015203
Veronica americana Eau Claire 6/1/1969 Hartmann, Phillip C. s.n. UWSP004361 YES
Veronica americana Eau Claire 6/1/1969 Steinke, Duane s.n. UWSP004798 YES
Veronica americana Bayfield 7/14/1972 Feuerstein, James 256 UWSP022213 YES
Veronica americana Portage 7/12/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 8857 UWSP030817 YES
Veronica americana Portage 9/9/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 11229 UWSP039455 YES
Veronica americana Marathon 7/28/1974 Krause, Steven A. s.n. UWSP041678 YES
Veronica americana Ashland 6/25/1974 Koch, Rudy G. 8470 UWSP050315 YES
Veronica americana Portage 8/7/1975 Freckmann, Robert W. 12144 UWSP050482 YES
Veronica americana Oneida 6/21/1977 Buntman, Don s.n. UWSP057036 YES
Veronica americana Bayfield 6/28/1976 Freckmann, Robert W. 12988 UWSP058117 YES
Veronica americana Barron 6/3/1978 Olesiak, Thomas 3177 UWSP071668 YES
Veronica americana Manitowoc 8/23/1979 Olson, Richard C. 570 UWSP075697 YES
Veronica americana Barron 8/30/1979 Olesiak, Thomas 3971 UWSP076877 YES
Veronica americana Barron 6/10/1979 Olesiak, Thomas 3827 UWSP076918 YES
Veronica americana Wood 9/1/1975 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP080921 YES
Veronica americana Portage 7/9/1981 Freckmann, Robert W. 17641 UWSP081747 YES
Veronica americana Barron 6/25/1980 Olesiak, Thomas 4214 UWSP084017 YES
Veronica americana Barron 9/5/1980 Olesiak, Thomas 4415 UWSP084027 YES
Veronica americana Barron 8/4/1981 Olesiak, Thomas 4764 UWSP086260 YES
Veronica americana Door 8/16/1982 Freckmann, Robert W. 18400 UWSP086943 YES
Veronica americana Monroe 6/17/1982 Gage, Linda M. 58 UWSP091079 YES
Veronica americana Monroe 6/17/1982 Gage, Linda M. 58 UWSP091081 YES
Veronica americana Portage 9/22/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 24118 UWSP105404 YES
Veronica americana Wood 7/7/1998 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP128344 YES
Veronica americana Door 7/28/2002 Ellenbecker, Robert P. 16 UWSP137940 YES
Veronica americana Florence 8/15/1967 Smith, S. Galen 213 UWSP146567 YES
Veronica americana Langlade 9/23/2005 Wagner, Matthew L. s.n. UWSP155038 YES
Veronica americana Langlade 9/11/2009 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP156735 YES
Veronica americana Langlade 7/21/2009 Freckmann, Robert W. 30899 UWSP156908 YES
Veronica americana Langlade 6/28/2010 Freckmann, Robert W. 31181 UWSP158271 YES
Veronica americana Polk 6/9/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1607 UWSP163606

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