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Total Records: 58
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Silene latifolia Burnett 6/8/1993 Castle, R. 93-306 SUWS011195
Silene latifolia Douglas 6/26/1943 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5258 SUWS011196
Silene latifolia Douglas 6/13/1943 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5315 SUWS011197
Silene latifolia Bayfield 7/8/1966 Barnard s.n. SUWS011198
Silene latifolia Bayfield 7/17/1966 Hjerleid s.n. SUWS011199
Silene latifolia Bayfield 7/13/1966 Holden s.n. SUWS011200
Silene latifolia Bayfield 6/24/1964 Brashier PL-69 SUWS011201
Silene latifolia Bayfield 7/22/1964 Brashier PL-70 SUWS011202
Silene latifolia Douglas 7/2/1979 Koch, Rudy G. 11289 SUWS011203
Silene latifolia Douglas 7/4/1942 Thomson, John W., Jr. s.n. SUWS011222
Silene latifolia Douglas 6/26/1943 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5392 SUWS011223
Silene latifolia Douglas 7/24/1993 Castle, R. 93-309 SUWS011224
Silene latifolia Price 8/13/1944 Sima, Bessie R. s.n. SUWS011225
Silene latifolia Douglas 10/10/1997 Salomaki, Shannon 97/32 SUWS013802
Silene latifolia Polk 8/13/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 247 SUWS016305
Silene latifolia Polk 7/8/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 165 SUWS016367
Silene latifolia Grant Pederson, R. s.n. uwpl000988
Silene latifolia Iowa 9/10/1958 Beach, Wilbur s.n. uwpl000989
Silene latifolia Grant Henden, Bernice s.n. uwpl000990
Silene latifolia Grant 10/13/1956 Molitor, Graham s.n. uwpl000991
Silene latifolia Grant 9/24/1948 Schneider, W.E. s.n. uwpl000993
Silene latifolia Grant Botany Class s.n. uwpl000994
Silene latifolia Lafayette 6/16/1954 Wagner, Russel O. s.n. uwpl000995
Silene latifolia Grant 7/5/1971 Timmer, Doran 4 uwpl002803
Silene latifolia Grant 6/5/1974 Bennett, Charlene A. 115 uwpl003190
Silene latifolia Grant 10/4/1977 Zinnen, Tom 59 uwpl003817
Silene latifolia Crawford 9/3/1977 Pomerening, Bruce 1 uwpl003863
Silene latifolia Grant 9/30/1973 Carns, Paul 23 uwpl003951
Silene latifolia Grant 10/11/1975 Morgan, Terence 28 uwpl004027
Silene latifolia Grant 9/19/1977 Christman, Thomas J. 45 uwpl004461
Silene latifolia Vernon 7/3/1975 Ziegler, S.R. 1571 uwpl005840
Silene latifolia Grant 9/30/1979 Peters, Nancy M. 38 uwpl006103
Silene latifolia Iowa 8/4/1981 Haugh, Kari 162 uwpl006424
Silene latifolia Grant 8/6/1989 Margan, Mike 18 uwpl007715
Silene latifolia Grant 10/21/1958 Copeland, Donna s.n. uwpl009992
Silene latifolia La Crosse 9/25/1999 Rueckheim, Rhonda s.n. UWSP129247
Silene latifolia Chippewa 8/17/1999 Ray, Julie M. s.n. UWSP129695
Silene latifolia Marinette 8/22/1999 Sewall, Andrew 27 UWSP130484
Silene latifolia Polk 5/16/2000 Alen, Mark 83 UWSP130558
Silene latifolia Juneau 7/19/2000 Royce, Lisa J. s.n. UWSP130701
Silene latifolia Marinette 9/28/2000 Bauer, Adam 10 UWSP131180
Silene latifolia Marquette 9/23/2000 Mockler, Rachel 1 UWSP131525
Silene latifolia Waupaca 5/11/2001 Reindl, Laura s.n. UWSP131928
Silene latifolia La Crosse 5/5/2001 Niedfeldt, Kyle s.n. UWSP132023
Silene latifolia Sauk 9/15/2001 Huntington, Mandi 4 UWSP132974
Silene latifolia Fond du Lac 9/14/2002 Plansky, Jill s.n. UWSP134972
Silene latifolia Vernon 9/28/2002 Berger, Katie s.n. UWSP135348
Silene latifolia Sheboygan 9/14/2001 Domke, Grant s.n. UWSP136841
Silene latifolia Burnett 6/29/2003 Johnson, Alyson K. 06 UWSP138818
Silene latifolia Shawano 9/5/2004 Kowalchuk, Cindy s.n. UWSP139090
Silene latifolia Kewaunee 5/25/2004 Sinkula, Adam 49 UWSP139198
Silene latifolia Kewaunee 6/12/2004 Sinkula, Adam s.n. UWSP139204
Silene latifolia Langlade 9/16/2006 Wagner, Matthew L. s.n. UWSP155010
Silene latifolia Forest 6/22/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:726 UWSP159084
Silene latifolia Forest 6/17/2010 Wagner, Matthew L 2010:691 UWSP159859
Silene latifolia Oconto 7/21/2010 Wagner, Matthew L 2010:1456 UWSP159958
Silene latifolia Oconto 7/21/2010 Wagner, Matthew L 2010:1458 UWSP159960
Silene latifolia Polk 6/15/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1646 UWSP162955a

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