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Total Records: 147
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Rhus hirta Douglas 6/26/1943 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5257 SUWS012536
Rhus hirta Douglas 7/21/1978 Olson, Patti 7911 SUWS012537
Rhus hirta Douglas 8/20/1927 McC., N.V. s.n. SUWS012538
Rhus hirta Douglas 6/15/1989 Davidson, Donald W. s.n. SUWS012539
Rhus hirta Burnett 6/8/1993 Castle, R. 93-304 SUWS012540
Rhus hirta Marathon 9/10/1994 Smetak, Scott 7 SUWS012541
Rhus hirta Douglas 6/15/1989 Davidson, Donald W. s.n. SUWS012542
Rhus hirta Douglas 9/10/1999 Stangle, Daniel C. 99/16 SUWS013347
Rhus hirta Douglas 10/24/2001 Goette, Lance 17/2001 SUWS014686
Rhus hirta Douglas 9/18/2001 Anderson, Derek S. 2001/7 SUWS014784
Rhus hirta Polk 7/2/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 149 SUWS014947
Rhus hirta Bayfield 6/3/2001 Anderson, Lisa 2001/62 SUWS016530
Rhus hirta Douglas 1/26/2002 Larson, Bradley B. 13-02 SUWS017046
Rhus hirta Douglas 7/21/2006 Davidson, Donald W. 499 SUWS017669
Rhus hirta Grant 10/2/1965 Green, Richard 11 uwpl001678
Rhus hirta Grant 10/21/1948 Kipfer, Glenn s.n. uwpl001679
Rhus hirta Grant 10/4/1948 Schneider, W.E. s.n. uwpl001680
Rhus hirta Grant Sarbacker, R. s.n. uwpl001681
Rhus hirta Grant 9/17/1959 Wunderlin, R.P. s.n. uwpl001682
Rhus hirta Grant Butson, Delbert W. s.n. uwpl001683
Rhus hirta Grant 7/3/1950 Luttig, Christina s.n. uwpl001684
Rhus hirta Grant 9/27/1957 Erickson, Charles s.n. uwpl001685
Rhus hirta Grant 10/18/1959 McDougal, Patti Jo s.n. uwpl001686
Rhus hirta Lafayette 9/21/1958 Copeland, Donna s.n. uwpl001687
Rhus hirta Grant uwpl001688
Rhus hirta Richland 7/5/1983 Grassman, Amy 01 uwpl006620
Rhus hirta Lafayette 7/11/1986 Moeller, Brian 185 uwpl006821a
Rhus hirta Bayfield 7/13/1989 Gerstenberger, Shawn 105 uwpl007662
Rhus hirta Vilas 6/13/1968 Alexander, Susan H. s.n. UWSP001016
Rhus hirta Milwaukee 6/29/1960 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003890
Rhus hirta Waupaca 6/16/1970 Freckmann, Robert W. 5061 UWSP010242
Rhus hirta Forest 7/31/1970 Majewski, David S. s.n. UWSP013559
Rhus hirta Oconto 8/19/1970 Langer, John P. s.n. UWSP015156
Rhus hirta Outagamie 8/17/1971 Hammen, Lee W. s.n. UWSP017675
Rhus hirta Portage 7/27/1971 Markert, Bruce 59 UWSP017958
Rhus hirta Portage R., C.T s.n. UWSP018372
Rhus hirta Wood 7/24/1971 Kube, John H. s.n. UWSP018677
Rhus hirta Vilas 7/22/1972 Perrodin, Dan s.n. UWSP021469
Rhus hirta Sheboygan 8/15/1972 Moroder, Marc 106 UWSP022132
Rhus hirta Portage 7/10/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 7061 UWSP022323
Rhus hirta Portage 8/1/1973 Savastio, Albert 19 UWSP028292
Rhus hirta Portage 7/10/1973 Kujawski, Michael s.n. UWSP028654
Rhus hirta Waupaca 6/28/1973 Van Gompel, Paul T. 24 UWSP030232
Rhus hirta Marathon 7/29/1973 Meyer, John 55 UWSP030344
Rhus hirta Portage 7/19/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 8940 UWSP032186
Rhus hirta Portage 7/31/1973 Walters, Greg s.n. UWSP035417
Rhus hirta Rusk 7/4/1973 Olesiak, Thomas 235 UWSP035671
Rhus hirta Marinette 7/28/1973 Kirschbaum, Margie s.n. UWSP035738
Rhus hirta Portage 12/31/1973 Sterling, Jerry s.n. UWSP036183
Rhus hirta Waushara 8/31/1973 Lutz, Robert s.n. UWSP036208
Rhus hirta Marquette 4/14/1974 Gohlke, Dennis P. s.n. UWSP037198
Rhus hirta Richland 7/20/1974 Imhof, Marcus A. s.n. UWSP038412
Rhus hirta Bayfield 7/23/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10819 UWSP040620
Rhus hirta Marathon 7/6/1974 Krause, Steven A. 111 UWSP041727
Rhus hirta Wood Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP041908
Rhus hirta Waupaca 7/28/1974 Sasse, Donald C. s.n. UWSP042578
Rhus hirta Wood 6/4/1975 Engelien, John E. s.n. UWSP042764
Rhus hirta Manitowoc Tittl, Steven M. 57 UWSP042770
Rhus hirta Taylor 7/25/1974 Manville, Albert M. s.n. UWSP043030
Rhus hirta Bayfield 6/26/1975 Lautenbach, James 27 UWSP043301
Rhus hirta Taylor 7/25/1975 Kleiber, Florian W. 71 UWSP044442
Rhus hirta Portage 9/12/1975 Seidlinger, Paul X-65 UWSP044850
Rhus hirta Shawano 7/11/1976 Mitchell, C. s.n. UWSP051330
Rhus hirta Door 8/19/1976 Long, Claudine s.n. UWSP051392
Rhus hirta Portage 6/27/1976 Rosicky, Barbara K. s.n. UWSP053059
Rhus hirta Richland 7/5/1975 Imhof, Marcus A. s.n. UWSP053546
Rhus hirta Washburn 7/1/1978 Shudarek, Joe s.n. UWSP059034
Rhus hirta Barron 10/1/1975 Lombard, Edward A. 26 UWSP059156
Rhus hirta Waupaca 8/22/1976 Aiken, Judd s.n. UWSP059389
Rhus hirta Bayfield 7/23/1978 Petesch, Mary Beth s.n. UWSP060052
Rhus hirta Polk 4/22/1978 Olesiak, Thomas 3066 UWSP071782
Rhus hirta Manitowoc 7/22/1979 Olson, Richard C. 395 UWSP076317
Rhus hirta Barron 7/10/1979 Olesiak, Thomas 3832 UWSP076913
Rhus hirta Clark 7/3/1980 Gosse, Ronald A. 73 UWSP078157
Rhus hirta Taylor 7/4/1980 Brownell, Kurt 83 UWSP079873
Rhus hirta Marquette 9/10/1979 Bowers, Frank D. 10056 UWSP088211
Rhus hirta Washington 7/20/1983 Bahl, Douglas s.n. UWSP089420
Rhus hirta Wood 7/24/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 18733 UWSP089799
Rhus hirta Portage 9/21/1983 Kreis, Doris 2 UWSP090611
Rhus hirta Marathon 7/30/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 19967 UWSP092974
Rhus hirta Marathon 8/24/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 20147 UWSP093173
Rhus hirta Oneida 9/22/1984 Anderson, Les 10 UWSP094358
Rhus hirta Chippewa 10/22/1984 Mueckler, Randy s.n. UWSP094432
Rhus hirta Waupaca 10/13/1984 Campbell, William M. s.n. UWSP094471
Rhus hirta Oconto 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21143 UWSP096367
Rhus hirta Marathon 8/16/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21779 UWSP096678
Rhus hirta Vernon 6/13/1985 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP097139
Rhus hirta Manitowoc Palazzo, Edward s.n. UWSP097728
Rhus hirta Oneida 7/9/1986 Dall, Robert s.n. UWSP098867
Rhus hirta Portage 7/19/1984 Jensen, Tom 24 UWSP098988
Rhus hirta Marathon 7/11/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22814 UWSP099753
Rhus hirta Marathon 8/27/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 23028 UWSP100350
Rhus hirta Marathon 7/11/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22744 UWSP100431
Rhus hirta La Crosse 9/28/1986 Pagliara, Joe 5 UWSP101352
Rhus hirta Dunn 8/4/1987 Edlin, Brent J. s.n. UWSP102092
Rhus hirta Marathon 8/1/1987 Bilogan, John L. 84 UWSP102707
Rhus hirta Brown Ver Cauteren, Kurt s.n. UWSP103713
Rhus hirta Burnett 7/23/1988 Rogers, Allen J. 29 UWSP106299
Rhus hirta Portage 9/18/1988 Mayo, Kathy 5 UWSP106339
Rhus hirta Grant 9/25/1998 Richter, Boyd W. s.n. UWSP106417
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