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Total Records: 75
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Rhus glabra Douglas 8/22/1943 Thomson, John W., Jr. s.n. SUWS012543
Rhus glabra Douglas 7/19/1942 Thomson, John W., Jr. s.n. SUWS012544
Rhus glabra Polk Anderson, Derek S. 234 SUWS016346
Rhus glabra Iowa 10/6/1957 Reddy s.n. uwpl001656
Rhus glabra Grant 9/29/1959 Wunderlin, R.P. s.n. uwpl001657
Rhus glabra Sauk 10/4/1959 Schultz, Harvey s.n. uwpl001658
Rhus glabra Grant 10/24/1956 Busch, Betty J. s.n. uwpl001659
Rhus glabra Grant 1/15/1953 Merklein, H.J. s.n. uwpl001660
Rhus glabra Grant Norton, Betty s.n. uwpl001661
Rhus glabra Grant Norton, Betty s.n. uwpl001662
Rhus glabra Sauk 9/21/1957 Zeman, Marvin s.n. uwpl001663
Rhus glabra Grant 9/28/1965 Koranda, G.L. s.n. uwpl001664
Rhus glabra Grant 7/7/1950 Franks, C. s.n. uwpl001665
Rhus glabra Grant 10/4/1948 Schneider, W.E. s.n. uwpl001666
Rhus glabra Grant 10/21/1948 Kipfer, Glenn s.n. uwpl001667
Rhus glabra Grant 9/22/1965 Gibbon, David 25 uwpl001668
Rhus glabra Iowa 10/1/1965 Laufenberg, Jerry 1 uwpl001669
Rhus glabra Grant Reimer, David 8 uwpl001670
Rhus glabra Grant 9/28/1965 Roddick, Jerry 21 uwpl001671
Rhus glabra Grant 9/18/1965 Coronna, P. 6 uwpl001672
Rhus glabra Grant 9/17/1965 Wauro, M. 24 uwpl001673
Rhus glabra Grant 9/21/1965 Myers, Robert s.n. uwpl001674
Rhus glabra Grant 9/22/1965 Smith, Tom 44 uwpl001675
Rhus glabra Grant 7/7/1971 Bouzek, K. 17 uwpl002771
Rhus glabra Grant 7/26/1974 Bennett, Charlene A. 279 uwpl003117
Rhus glabra Ozaukee Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003590
Rhus glabra Waukesha 7/9/1960 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003892
Rhus glabra Rock 9/5/1969 Pelnis, J.J. 41 UWSP004434
Rhus glabra Walworth 6/28/1968 Freckmann, Robert W. 3150 UWSP008024
Rhus glabra Fond du Lac 6/27/1968 Freckmann, Robert W. 3101 UWSP008054
Rhus glabra Dane 6/11/1970 Lemke, Thomas O. s.n. UWSP010423
Rhus glabra Dodge 8/19/1970 Schroeder, Richard s.n. UWSP012771
Rhus glabra Waukesha 7/10/1971 Hartel, Greg s.n. UWSP017070
Rhus glabra Portage 5/30/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6477 UWSP019901
Rhus glabra Walworth 8/23/1973 O'Leary, Allan B. s.n. UWSP026995
Rhus glabra Winnebago 7/24/1973 Prellwitz, Dwain M. 705 UWSP028253
Rhus glabra Rock 7/23/1974 Hagen, Craig S. s.n. UWSP038147
Rhus glabra Trempealeau 6/8/1975 Englien, John E. s.n. UWSP042857
Rhus glabra Milwaukee 6/28/1975 Olesiak, Thomas 75-480 UWSP043895
Rhus glabra Dane 8/15/1975 O'Malley, Dave s.n. UWSP044712
Rhus glabra La Crosse 8/4/1975 Weihrouch, Robert D. s.n. UWSP044811
Rhus glabra Dane 7/2/1975 Seidlinger, Paul X-12 UWSP044901
Rhus glabra Washington 8/12/1977 Schwarzmeier, Joe 71 UWSP057284
Rhus glabra Milwaukee 8/7/1978 Bohn, Nancy s.n. UWSP059666
Rhus glabra Vernon 7/29/1974 Ziegler, S.R. 305 UWSP070616
Rhus glabra Grant 4/28/1979 Samuelsan, Paul s.n. UWSP073949
Rhus glabra Columbia 9/1/1979 Dushek, Thomas J. s.n. UWSP076689
Rhus glabra Juneau 7/4/1980 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP080622
Rhus glabra Barron 7/5/1980 Olesiak, Thomas 4240 UWSP084335
Rhus glabra Washington 7/20/1983 Bahl, Douglas s.n. UWSP089418
Rhus glabra Waushara 7/5/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 19731 UWSP092878
Rhus glabra Oconto 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21142 UWSP096368
Rhus glabra Oconto 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21144 UWSP096372
Rhus glabra Oconto 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21144 UWSP096416
Rhus glabra Pierce Wunrow, Chris 7 UWSP098292
Rhus glabra St. Croix 6/22/1986 Giudice, John H. 64 UWSP100956
Rhus glabra La Crosse 9/13/1986 Sauer, Jennifer s.n. UWSP101204
Rhus glabra Dunn 9/20/1987 Le Bishop s.n. UWSP102595
Rhus glabra Washington 2/6/1988 Stout, William E. s.n. UWSP104918
Rhus glabra Oconto 9/17/1988 Peil, Amy s.n. UWSP106392
Rhus glabra Green 9/15/1990 Jaeger, Scott 4 UWSP110674
Rhus glabra Grant 6/18/1992 Freckmann, Robert W. 26164 UWSP115311
Rhus glabra Waukesha 9/8/1992 Hager, Katherine 8 UWSP116714
Rhus glabra St. Croix 9/26/1992 Pierce, Ann 9 UWSP116924
Rhus glabra Dane 9/19/1992 Urbanski, Amy E. s.n. UWSP116956
Rhus glabra Rock 9/11/1993 Jorata, Irene s.n. UWSP117999
Rhus glabra Walworth 7/7/1994 Fehl, Linda s.n. UWSP119320
Rhus glabra Dane 9/24/1994 Margelofsky, Brian 15 UWSP119545
Rhus glabra Waukesha 10/1/1994 Pekrul, Melissa 9 UWSP119946
Rhus glabra Portage 9/25/1996 Lizotte, Tim 09 UWSP123647
Rhus glabra St. Croix 9/19/1998 Eiring, Katherine s.n. UWSP128546
Rhus glabra Dane 9/6/1999 Rothman, Andrew 9 UWSP130227
Rhus glabra Marinette 9/3/1999 Sewall, Andrew 41 UWSP130471
Rhus glabra Fond du Lac Brady, Henry 11 UWSP135013
Rhus glabra Adams 10/9/2002 Hawley, Michael s.n. UWSP135091

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