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Total Records: 52
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Quercus rubra Bayfield 7/28/1964 Brashier PL-212 SUWS010994
Quercus rubra Douglas 5/13/1993 Castle, R. 93-107 SUWS010995
Quercus rubra Douglas 9/2/1969 Koch, Rudy G. 6376 SUWS010996
Quercus rubra Douglas 6/20/1938 Hall, Norma 11978 SUWS010997
Quercus rubra Douglas 7/5/1934 Suneson, Verna 11979 SUWS010998
Quercus rubra Bayfield 7/20/1964 Brashier PL-211 SUWS010999
Quercus rubra Bayfield 7/27/1964 Brashier PL-210 SUWS011000
Quercus rubra Douglas 5/13/1993 Castle, R. 93-107 SUWS011001
Quercus rubra Douglas 8/5/1944 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5515 SUWS011002
Quercus rubra Douglas 9/18/1992 Castle, R. 92-29 SUWS011003
Quercus rubra Douglas SUWS011004
Quercus rubra Douglas 6/1/1939 G., R.A. 11974 SUWS011005
Quercus rubra Douglas 5/28/1971 Koch, Rudy G. 6942 SUWS011006
Quercus rubra Fond du Lac 6/26/1987 Purtell, Harriet M. 88 SUWS011007
Quercus rubra Douglas 7/5/1934 Suneson, Verna 11942 SUWS011008
Quercus rubra Bayfield Brost, Mike 12 SUWS011009
Quercus rubra Douglas 9/18/1999 Maier, Merissa L. 99/58 SUWS013187
Quercus rubra Douglas 9/18/1999 Weinandt, Michael J. 99/58 SUWS013402
Quercus rubra Barron 10/6/2001 Larson, Bradley B. 36/01 SUWS014764
Quercus rubra Polk 9/15/2001 Anderson, Derek S. 2001/35 SUWS014796
Quercus rubra Polk 5/26/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 33 SUWS014982
Quercus rubra Bayfield 6/3/2001 Anderson, Lisa 2001/66 SUWS016544
Quercus rubra Douglas 9/12/2006 Hlina, Matt 299 SUWS017497
Quercus rubra Iowa Walker, R. s.n. uwpl000823
Quercus rubra Grant Benincosa, Virginia s.n. uwpl000824
Quercus rubra Grant 10/10/1957 Beach, Wilbur s.n. uwpl000825
Quercus rubra Grant 6/30/1950 Gilbertson, Mrs. Irene s.n. uwpl000826
Quercus rubra Grant 9/19/1957 Butson, Delbert W. s.n. uwpl000827
Quercus rubra Lafayette 9/26/1957 Piquette, Jim s.n. uwpl000828
Quercus rubra Jefferson 7/7/1947 Wagner, Russel O. s.n. uwpl000844
Quercus rubra Shawano 9/16/2000 Nugent, John s.n. UWSP033078
Quercus rubra Marathon 10/10/1999 Falkowski, Jessica s.n. UWSP129320
Quercus rubra Fond du Lac 10/30/1999 Zinkgraf, Matt 08 UWSP129522
Quercus rubra Waushara 9/28/2000 Baehman, Brian 09 UWSP131520
Quercus rubra Waupaca 10/1/2000 Loke, Lora A. 8 UWSP131575
Quercus rubra Portage 6/21/2000 Malahy, Kelly s.n. UWSP133772
Quercus rubra Fond du Lac 10/27/2002 Brady, Henry 12 UWSP135012
Quercus rubra Jackson 9/28/2002 Esser, Matthew s.n. UWSP135405
Quercus rubra Sheboygan 9/15/2001 Domke, Grant s.n. UWSP136846
Quercus rubra Monroe 8/28/2000 Williams, Mike 895 UWSP137107
Quercus rubra Marinette 9/14/2004 Philipps, Joseph s.n. UWSP138988
Quercus rubra Monroe 10/1/2005 Hytry, Ryan s.n. UWSP140882
Quercus rubra Langlade 8/7/2006 Wagner, Matthew L. s.n. UWSP154040
Quercus rubra Vilas 7/24/2008 Wagner, Matthew L. s.n. UWSP154075
Quercus rubra Lincoln 10/11/2007 Wagner, Matthew L. s.n. UWSP154111
Quercus rubra Florence 6/7/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:550 UWSP158961
Quercus rubra Florence 6/15/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:649 UWSP159027
Quercus rubra Florence 6/28/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:814 UWSP159165
Quercus rubra Langlade 7/3/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:937 UWSP159257
Quercus rubra Langlade 8/29/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:1342 UWSP159744
Quercus rubra Oneida 8/27/2010 Wagner, Matthew L 2010:1495 UWSP159998
Quercus rubra Ashland 6/26/2012 Judziewicz, Emmet J. 15967 UWSP163972

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