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Total Records: 293
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Pinus strobus Douglas 10/29/1992 Anderson, Danette 41 SUWS010372
Pinus strobus Douglas 10/15/1992 Kristiansen, Stein 92-1 SUWS010540
Pinus strobus Douglas 6/15/1989 Davidson, Donald W. s.n. SUWS010682
Pinus strobus Douglas 6/15/1989 Davidson, Donald W. s.n. SUWS010683
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/6/1994 Anderson, Jason 1 SUWS010684
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/6/1994 Smetak, Scott 1 SUWS010685
Pinus strobus Douglas Brost, Mike 18 SUWS010686
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/6/1994 Gitar, Richard D. 94-01 SUWS010688
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/6/1994 Ojanen, Joanne M. 94-1 SUWS010689
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/18/1992 Castle, R. 92-30 SUWS010692
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/18/1999 Maier, Merissa L. 94/47 SUWS013150
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/21/1999 Anderson, Jeffrey A. 99/32 SUWS013231
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/28/1999 Anderson, Jeffrey A. 99/37 SUWS013242
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/21/1999 Moder, Jennifer A. 99-38 SUWS013270
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/14/1999 Neely, Chuck 99-7 SUWS013324
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/18/1999 Weinandt, Michael J. 99/47 SUWS013395
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/14/1999 Langenbrunner, Craig S. 99/27 SUWS013433
Pinus strobus Oneida 9/20/1997 Behn, T. 97-34 SUWS013546
Pinus strobus Douglas 10/30/1996 Juve, Karla 96:12 SUWS013756
Pinus strobus Sawyer 11/17/1997 Salomaki, Shannon 97/35 SUWS013854
Pinus strobus Douglas 10/24/1996 Fahrney, Brian 96/..9 SUWS013875
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/25/2001 Moullette, Elyse 2001/26 SUWS014645
Pinus strobus Douglas 11/25/2001 Goette, Lance 27/2001 SUWS014693
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/18/2001 Gervais, Tom 2001-12 SUWS014707
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/18/2001 Gervais, Tom 2001-13 SUWS014708
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/18/2001 Larson, Bradley B. 14/01 SUWS014750
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/25/2001 Christiansen, Joy 2001/36 SUWS014818
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/25/2001 Stack, Anne 35/2001 SUWS014828
Pinus strobus Douglas 9/25/2001 Stack, Anne 06/2001 SUWS014843
Pinus strobus Polk 4/20/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 2 SUWS014851
Pinus strobus Douglas 12/4/2003 Pearson, Tyrus 45/03 SUWS016706
Pinus strobus Rusk 11/15/2003 Verdegan, Joseph 2003-21 SUWS016792
Pinus strobus Douglas 7/15/2006 Hlina, Paul 552 SUWS017464
Pinus strobus Grant 11/17/1957 Lindsay, Lula Mae s.n. uwpl000142
Pinus strobus Juneau 12/25/1965 Smith, Tom 49 uwpl000145
Pinus strobus Iowa 1/3/1966 Roddick, Jerry s.n. uwpl000147
Pinus strobus Grant 10/22/1965 Dickau, Bruce E. 19 uwpl000150
Pinus strobus Waupaca 11/23/1968 Fechtner, Fredrick R. s.n. UWSP003399
Pinus strobus Ozaukee 7/2/1960 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003440
Pinus strobus Marathon 2/9/1969 Fechtner, Fredrick R. s.n. UWSP003509
Pinus strobus Eau Claire 7/3/1969 Steinke, Duane s.n. UWSP004785
Pinus strobus Sauk 4/14/1969 Meier, W.S. s.n. UWSP005797
Pinus strobus Eau Claire Steinke, Duane s.n. UWSP005817
Pinus strobus Jackson 4/28/1968 Freckmann, Robert W. 2886 UWSP007886
Pinus strobus Portage 5/8/1976 Freckmann, Robert W. 4933 UWSP008485
Pinus strobus Portage 6/12/1970 Freckmann, Robert W. 4898 UWSP010312
Pinus strobus Portage 9/23/1969 Swiontek, Eugene s.n. UWSP010698
Pinus strobus Portage 4/23/1969 Freckmann, Robert W. 3859 UWSP012268
Pinus strobus Crawford 7/8/1968 Freckmann, Robert W. 3243 UWSP012614
Pinus strobus Oneida 9/11/1970 Jefcik, Ronald R. s.n. UWSP013369
Pinus strobus Oneida 9/6/1970 Meyer, Greg s.n. UWSP013456
Pinus strobus Bayfield 7/2/1969 Krings, S. 21 UWSP014362
Pinus strobus Bayfield 7/5/1970 UWSP014603
Pinus strobus Bayfield 7/2/1969 Arendt, J.R. 22 UWSP014846
Pinus strobus Oconto 1/28/1971 Langer, John P. s.n. UWSP015063
Pinus strobus Oconto 8/19/1970 Langer, John P. s.n. UWSP015157
Pinus strobus Grant 7/10/1968 Freckmann, Robert W. 3317 UWSP015969
Pinus strobus Dane 5/15/1971 Madigan, Michael 17 UWSP016155
Pinus strobus Waushara 10/8/1971 Boucek, Emil J., Jr. 72 UWSP016514
Pinus strobus Waushara 10/17/1971 Boucek, Emil J., Jr. 22 UWSP016546
Pinus strobus Portage 12/4/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016619
Pinus strobus Portage 12/10/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016620
Pinus strobus Marathon 12/4/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016625
Pinus strobus Marathon 11/10/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016626
Pinus strobus Marathon 12/16/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016627
Pinus strobus Marathon 12/16/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016628
Pinus strobus Portage 11/17/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016629
Pinus strobus Marathon 12/4/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016630
Pinus strobus Marathon 12/16/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016631
Pinus strobus Portage 12/16/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016632
Pinus strobus Portage 12/16/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016633
Pinus strobus Portage 11/17/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016634
Pinus strobus Portage 12/11/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016635
Pinus strobus Portage 1/21/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP016636
Pinus strobus Portage 9/7/1971 Reichelt, B. s.n. UWSP016696
Pinus strobus Portage Kmiecik, Gary F. 8 UWSP019214
Pinus strobus Portage 5/17/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6572 UWSP020100
Pinus strobus Portage 7/15/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6777 UWSP020401
Pinus strobus Portage 5/16/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6904 UWSP020737
Pinus strobus Oneida 7/27/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6988 UWSP022627
Pinus strobus Portage 4/27/1973 Racchini, Carl 04 UWSP026015
Pinus strobus Portage 4/23/1973 Sterling, Jerry s.n. UWSP026266
Pinus strobus Walworth 8/23/1973 O'Leary, Allan B. s.n. UWSP026994
Pinus strobus Ashland 7/14/1972 Koch, Rudy G. 7543 UWSP028790
Pinus strobus Portage 7/31/1973 Walters, Greg s.n. UWSP035418
Pinus strobus Rusk 6/2/1973 Olesiak, Thomas s.n. UWSP035584
Pinus strobus Waushara 11/30/1973 Lutz, Robert s.n. UWSP036941
Pinus strobus Marathon 4/20/1974 Janz, G. s.n. UWSP037119
Pinus strobus Marquette 1/30/1974 Gohlke, Dennis P. s.n. UWSP037185
Pinus strobus Bayfield 8/9/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 9571 UWSP037549
Pinus strobus Waupaca 6/16/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10445 UWSP037895
Pinus strobus La Crosse 4/29/1974 Craig, Charles D. 27 UWSP038522
Pinus strobus Rusk 3/26/1974 Olesiak, Thomas 10 UWSP039510
Pinus strobus Vilas 5/15/1974 Wege, Gary J. s.n. UWSP039581
Pinus strobus Portage 6/13/1974 Freckmann, Sally K. s.n. UWSP040009
Pinus strobus Waukesha 6/2/1974 Igl, Gregory I. s.n. UWSP040370
Pinus strobus Forest 1/2/1975 Thiel, Richard P. s.n. UWSP042133
Pinus strobus Marathon 7/1/1975 King, Jerry s.n. UWSP043565
Pinus strobus Portage 1/13/1976 Brown, Robert s.n. UWSP044751
Pinus strobus La Crosse 8/4/1975 Weihrouch, Robert D. s.n. UWSP044797
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