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Total Records: 94
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Pilea pumila Buffalo 9/9/1978 La Liberte, Paul 436 SUWS010936
Pilea pumila Sauk 10/14/1956 Sherman, Jack s.n. uwpl000889
Pilea pumila 9/21/1950 DePuy, Joan s.n. uwpl000890
Pilea pumila Grant 9/27/1977 Zinnen, Tom 49 uwpl003814
Pilea pumila Crawford 10/1/1977 Pomerening, Bruce 27 uwpl003886
Pilea pumila Green 9/18/1977 Roethke, John 8 uwpl004016
Pilea pumila Grant 9/20/1998 Hollingsworth, Tiffany 37 uwpl008253a
Pilea pumila Grant 10/4/1995 Strozinski, Neil 42 uwpl008276a
Pilea pumila Lafayette 8/20/2000 Kapp, J. 29 uwpl08405
Pilea pumila Marathon 7/27/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 9020 UWSP027063
Pilea pumila Wood 8/25/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 9637 UWSP034039
Pilea pumila Marathon 7/27/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 8991 UWSP035247
Pilea pumila Manitowoc 9/16/1973 Rider, P.A. s.n. UWSP036610
Pilea pumila Dodge 9/15/1973 Bennett, Alan J. s.n. UWSP036640
Pilea pumila Wood 9/7/1973 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP037248
Pilea pumila Rusk 7/28/1974 Olesiak, Thomas 508 UWSP038982
Pilea pumila Columbia 9/4/1964 Iltis, Hugh H. 22744 UWSP040248
Pilea pumila Milwaukee 7/12/1975 Olesiak, Thomas 75-557 UWSP043701
Pilea pumila Wood 8/10/1975 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP048901
Pilea pumila Milwaukee 7/3/1976 Olesiak, Thomas 76-546 UWSP053912
Pilea pumila Barron 7/22/1978 Olesiak, Thomas 3335 UWSP071653
Pilea pumila Barron 9/9/1978 Olesiak, Thomas 3501 UWSP071714
Pilea pumila Rusk 8/20/1977 Olesiak, Thomas 515 UWSP071750
Pilea pumila Juneau 9/15/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 16232 UWSP075286
Pilea pumila Juneau 9/15/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 16232 UWSP075288
Pilea pumila Waupaca 8/19/1980 Freckmann, Robert W. 16923 UWSP079000
Pilea pumila Fond du Lac 8/28/1980 Freckmann, Robert W. 16980 UWSP079134
Pilea pumila Wood 7/27/1980 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP080746
Pilea pumila Wood 7/27/1980 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP080813
Pilea pumila Portage 8/17/1981 Freckmann, Robert W. 17830 UWSP082474
Pilea pumila Jackson 9/12/1981 Kolvenbach, Carl G. s.n. UWSP083734
Pilea pumila Wood 9/5/1981 Brockman, Kay 03 UWSP084457
Pilea pumila Barron 7/8/1981 Olesiak, Thomas 4674 UWSP084965
Pilea pumila Wood 9/21/1981 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP085633
Pilea pumila La Crosse 9/19/1980 Kott, Connie M. 1063 UWSP085847
Pilea pumila Portage 9/1/1982 Hoff, Jean M. s.n. UWSP086363
Pilea pumila Portage 8/3/1982 Freckmann, Robert W. 18361 UWSP087072
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/8/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 18845 UWSP089638
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/26/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 19131 UWSP089962
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/26/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 191314 UWSP089966
Pilea pumila Portage 9/6/1983 Mosey, M. 55 UWSP090534
Pilea pumila Wood 8/29/1983 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP091826
Pilea pumila Wood 9/20/1983 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP092188
Pilea pumila Portage 9/15/1984 Harris, Kathleen s.n. UWSP094465
Pilea pumila Oconto 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21165 UWSP096117
Pilea pumila Langlade 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21196 UWSP096349
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/12/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21704 UWSP096467
Pilea pumila Shawano 8/4/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21524 UWSP096561
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/16/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21916 UWSP096776
Pilea pumila Wood 7/28/1985 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP097076
Pilea pumila Waupaca 9/21/1985 Peschong, John 02 UWSP098009
Pilea pumila Waupaca 9/21/1985 Kramoris, Timothy 09 UWSP098075
Pilea pumila Portage 8/15/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22993 UWSP099650
Pilea pumila Dane 9/20/1986 Wolf, Alan J. 03 UWSP101154
Pilea pumila Portage 9/21/1986 Warmbold, Jennifer 02 UWSP101325
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/26/1987 Freckmann, Robert W. 23507 UWSP103487
Pilea pumila Shawano 6/11/1987 Bowers, Barb s.n. UWSP103580
Pilea pumila La Crosse 8/11/1979 Kordiyak, David J. 954 UWSP104437
Pilea pumila Portage 9/12/1985 Hilbert, C. s.n. UWSP105198
Pilea pumila Price 6/23/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 23744 UWSP105297
Pilea pumila Wood 9/2/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 23983 UWSP105389
Pilea pumila Wood 8/1/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 23821 UWSP105504
Pilea pumila Jackson 9/17/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 24071 UWSP105532
Pilea pumila Wood 9/9/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 24033 UWSP105626
Pilea pumila Vernon 9/22/1989 Clemment, Troy 33 UWSP108760
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/9/1990 Freckmann, Robert W. 25327 UWSP109905
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/30/1990 Freckmann, Robert W. 25399 UWSP110149
Pilea pumila Menominee Annamitta, Richard s.n. UWSP110164
Pilea pumila Marathon 8/9/1990 Freckmann, Robert W. 25236 UWSP110268
Pilea pumila Wood 8/20/1985 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP110695
Pilea pumila Wood 9/18/1992 Freckmann, Robert W. 26739 UWSP114992
Pilea pumila Monroe 7/29/1992 Freckmann, Robert W. 26501 UWSP115352
Pilea pumila Ashland 8/21/1985 Bowers, Frank D. 11757 UWSP115786
Pilea pumila Dunn 9/19/1993 Bergeson, Mitch s.n. UWSP118042
Pilea pumila Adams 8/8/1994 Luke, Gary D. s.n. UWSP119387
Pilea pumila Portage 10/19/1994 Anderson, Vicki 02 UWSP119627
Pilea pumila Iowa 10/7/1995 Kummer, Lisa 02 UWSP121362
Pilea pumila Wood 8/18/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP121852
Pilea pumila Portage 9/20/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP122022
Pilea pumila Wood 7/7/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP122457
Pilea pumila Wood 7/26/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP123296
Pilea pumila Portage 9/20/1996 Kuchma, Tony 12 UWSP125553
Pilea pumila Marathon 9/22/1999 Slagoski, Amy 02 UWSP129471
Pilea pumila Wood 7/25/2000 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP130966
Pilea pumila Sauk 9/23/2000 French, K. 12 UWSP131134
Pilea pumila Portage 9/9/2000 Royce, Lisa J. s.n. UWSP131662
Pilea pumila Dane 9/21/2003 Martinelli, Greg 1 UWSP137704
Pilea pumila Polk 9/6/2003 Weber, Melissa J. 13 UWSP138890
Pilea pumila Portage 9/22/2005 Cobb, Patrick s.n. UWSP140887
Pilea pumila Taylor 8/23/2006 Aldred, Tanya s.n. UWSP142871
Pilea pumila Marathon 9/9/2002 Freckmann, Robert W. 29252 UWSP142994
Pilea pumila Forest 8/10/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:1324 UWSP159725
Pilea pumila Langlade 7/25/2010 Wagner, Matthew L 2010:1520 UWSP160023
Pilea pumila Polk 8/8/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1864 UWSP164152

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