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Total Records: 84
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Picea glauca Douglas 10/29/1992 Anderson, Danette 44 SUWS010370
Picea glauca Douglas 10/30/1992 Kristiansen, Stein 92-14 SUWS010451
Picea glauca Douglas 10/29/1992 McGovern, Scott 92/28 SUWS010552
Picea glauca Douglas 9/18/1992 Castle, R. 92-22 SUWS010555
Picea glauca Douglas 10/1/1999 Byrns, Frank 34-99 SUWS013142
Picea glauca Douglas 9/18/1999 Maier, Merissa L. 99/53 SUWS013188
Picea glauca Douglas 9/18/1999 Weinandt, Michael J. 99/53 SUWS013398
Picea glauca Douglas 9/14/1999 Langenbrunner, Craig S. 99/25 SUWS013436
Picea glauca Douglas 10/30/1996 Juve, Karla 96:14 SUWS013758
Picea glauca Sawyer 11/17/1997 Shomaki, Shannon 97/33 SUWS013803
Picea glauca Douglas 9/25/2001 Moullette, Elyse 2001/32 SUWS014643
Picea glauca Douglas 11/20/2001 Gervais, Tom 2001-26 SUWS014714
Picea glauca Douglas 9/25/2001 Larson, Bradley B. 23/01 SUWS014756
Picea glauca Douglas 9/25/2001 Stack, Anne 34/2001 SUWS014829
Picea glauca Douglas 9/25/2001 Buman, Sarah s.n. SUWS016484
Picea glauca Douglas Dahl, Nathan 16/2003 SUWS016700
Picea glauca Rusk 11/15/2003 Verdegan, Joseph 2003-22 SUWS016791
Picea glauca Douglas 1/22/2003 Anderson, Derek S. 05/03 SUWS016909
Picea glauca Douglas 6/1/2006 Stauff, Janelle 6 SUWS017461
Picea glauca Douglas Crook, Trista 525 SUWS017462
Picea glauca Vilas 6/30/1968 Watters, Lester V. s.n. UWSP003386
Picea glauca Forest 8/15/1959 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003508
Picea glauca Marathon 5/2/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. 5430 UWSP015776
Picea glauca Vilas 9/26/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. 5694 UWSP018742
Picea glauca Marathon 6/1/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 8291 UWSP027132
Picea glauca Douglas 6/8/1972 Koch, Rudy G. 7357 UWSP030016
Picea glauca Rusk 6/12/1973 Olesiak, Thomas 153 UWSP035534
Picea glauca Rusk 6/24/1973 Olesiak, Thomas 200 UWSP035985
Picea glauca Portage 12/31/1973 Sterling, Jerry s.n. UWSP036193
Picea glauca Waushara 11/30/1973 Lutz, Robert s.n. UWSP036939
Picea glauca Waushara 11/30/1973 Lutz, Robert s.n. UWSP036945
Picea glauca Rock 8/15/1974 Hagen, Craig S. s.n. UWSP038099
Picea glauca Rusk 5/9/1974 Olesiak, Thomas 96 UWSP039308
Picea glauca Forest 1/2/1975 Thiel, Richard P. s.n. UWSP042152
Picea glauca Wood 8/5/1975 Engelien, John E. s.n. UWSP042723
Picea glauca Taylor 7/31/1974 Manville, Albert M. s.n. UWSP043067
Picea glauca Richland 6/7/1975 Imhof, Marcus A. s.n. UWSP053352
Picea glauca Milwaukee 5/22/1976 Olesiak, Thomas 76-292 UWSP054076
Picea glauca Waupaca 8/27/1976 Aiken, Judd s.n. UWSP054408
Picea glauca Waushara 2/12/1977 Kuss, Terry 1 UWSP054803
Picea glauca Polk 4/22/1978 Olesiak, Thomas 3052 UWSP071617
Picea glauca Portage 5/4/1977 Freckmann, Sally K. 5107 UWSP073268
Picea glauca Portage 9/21/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP075361
Picea glauca Portage 9/21/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP075362
Picea glauca Polk 5/20/1979 Olesiak, Thomas 3663 UWSP076956
Picea glauca Ashland 7/13/1978 Fraundorf, Wm. J. s.n. UWSP077268
Picea glauca Wood 6/28/1980 Peterson, A. s.n. UWSP077885
Picea glauca Wood 6/28/1980 Stake, Sharon s.n. UWSP077886
Picea glauca Wood 6/23/1980 Peterson, A. s.n. UWSP078270
Picea glauca Taylor 8/26/1980 Brownell, Kurt 28 UWSP079925
Picea glauca Marathon 6/28/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 19660 UWSP092476
Picea glauca Brown 5/12/1984 Berken, Karen s.n. UWSP093738
Picea glauca Sheboygan 12/8/1984 Niemann, Bobbi 19 UWSP094367
Picea glauca Oconto 11/22/1985 Borchert, Eric J. s.n. UWSP098267
Picea glauca Barron 5/9/1986 Goeb, Deborah A. s.n. UWSP098405
Picea glauca Marathon 8/1/1987 Bilogan, John L. 92 UWSP102726
Picea glauca Vilas 8/20/1986 Van Horn, Kent 41 UWSP102832
Picea glauca Taylor 12/12/1987 Feind, Kevin s.n. UWSP103494
Picea glauca Marathon 12/5/1987 Severson, Mike 110 UWSP103678
Picea glauca Vilas 10/31/1987 Conrad, Kris s.n. UWSP103879
Picea glauca Florence 11/20/1988 Hoppa, Thomas 1 UWSP106403
Picea glauca Marathon 12/1/1988 Suckow, Jason s.n. UWSP106469
Picea glauca Portage 5/1/1989 Freckmann, Robert W. 24173 UWSP107020
Picea glauca Marathon 12/7/1989 Gabor, T.M. s.n. UWSP107895
Picea glauca Wood 10/10/1990 Drechsler, Donna s.n. UWSP110616
Picea glauca Chippewa 12/8/1990 Schwartz, Matthew s.n. UWSP110703
Picea glauca Clark 6/10/1991 Wegner, Thomas 12-85 UWSP111535
Picea glauca Wood 9/1/1991 Kronstedt, Brian 23 UWSP111760
Picea glauca Marathon 11/22/1990 Martens, E.D. 26 UWSP112515
Picea glauca Chippewa 9/19/1992 Jarozewski, Amie 12 UWSP114828
Picea glauca Marathon 12/6/1992 Zipperer, Karen K. s.n. UWSP116719
Picea glauca Burnett 9/27/1992 Pierce, Ann 4 UWSP117122
Picea glauca Florence 11/6/1993 Kresal, Sara 6 UWSP117631
Picea glauca Shawano 5/1/1994 Radies, Andy M. 2 UWSP118706
Picea glauca Ashland 4/15/1995 Nemec, Keith s.n. UWSP120294
Picea glauca Columbia 8/29/1995 Paske, Nathan 67 UWSP121233
Picea glauca Sheboygan 5/9/1996 Versey, Brian 87 UWSP124173
Picea glauca Marinette 9/24/1999 Reinl, Tim 04 UWSP129379
Picea glauca Portage 6/17/2000 Shippy, Jane s.n. UWSP130533
Picea glauca Waukesha 4/9/2000 Wiegel, Angie D. 4 UWSP130773
Picea glauca Rusk 3/17/2000 Craemer, Jody s.n. UWSP132231
Picea glauca Shawano 9/16/2000 Nugent, John s.n. UWSP133084
Picea glauca Portage 6/21/2000 Malahy, Kelly s.n. UWSP133771
Picea glauca Oconto 1/28/1971 Langer, John P. s.n. UWSP165053

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