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Total Records: 82
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Lemna minor Richland 10/3/1975 Koch, Rudy G. 10061 SUWS010331
Lemna minor Douglas 8/30/2006 Crook, Trista 212 SUWS017819
Lemna minor Grant 10/4/1960 Peterson, Ronald s.n. uwpl000532
Lemna minor Bayfield 5/29/1989 Gerstenberger, Shawn 12 uwpl007674
Lemna minor Rock 5/27/1969 Musselman, Lytton J. 2649 UWSP005722b YES
Lemna minor Portage 9/29/1970 King, Ronald s.n. UWSP012733 YES
Lemna minor Portage 9/28/1970 Barlow, Arthur R. s.n. UWSP013407 YES
Lemna minor Portage 4/28/1974 Ailes, Irvin W. s.n. UWSP037055 YES
Lemna minor Monroe 9/5/1976 Balliett, Alan s.n. UWSP052590 YES
Lemna minor Vernon Freckmann, Robert W. 13522 UWSP055571 YES
Lemna minor Clark 8/25/1975 Sasse, Donald C. s.n. UWSP059855 YES
Lemna minor Richland 5/2/1980 Klang, B.L. s.n. UWSP078032 YES
Lemna minor Dane 8/15/1980 Farr, Patricia M. 37 UWSP079330 YES
Lemna minor Portage 9/18/1980 Thornton, Shannon s.n. UWSP080136 YES
Lemna minor Portage 10/6/1980 Hartjes, Susan s.n. UWSP080285 YES
Lemna minor Racine 8/10/1980 Meyer, Thomas A. 65 UWSP082869 YES
Lemna minor Marathon 10/11/1981 Gage, Linda M. s.n. UWSP084691 YES
Lemna minor Portage 9/16/1983 Buss, John W. s.n. UWSP090659b YES
Lemna minor Oconto 10/16/1983 Gossfeld, Jennifer 18 UWSP090810 YES
Lemna minor Marathon 8/24/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 20095 UWSP093194 YES
Lemna minor Walworth 7/23/1984 Mayers, David A. 511 UWSP094044 YES
Lemna minor Wood 6/27/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22580 UWSP099624 YES
Lemna minor Green Lake 8/6/1986 Nelson, David C. s.n. UWSP102732b YES
Lemna minor Wood 8/2/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 23869 UWSP105249 YES
Lemna minor Wood 8/2/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 23869 UWSP105250 YES
Lemna minor Shawano 4/26/1987 Bowers, Barb 16 UWSP107719 YES
Lemna minor Chippewa 9/23/1989 Michels, Daniel s.n. UWSP108258 YES
Lemna minor Portage 5/10/1990 Melgaard, Michael s.n. UWSP108464 YES
Lemna minor Washburn 7/12/1994 Weber, Steve s.n. UWSP119979a YES
Lemna minor Wood 8/11/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP121810 YES
Lemna minor Wood 8/23/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP121982 YES
Lemna minor Wood 7/7/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP122430a YES
Lemna minor Wood 8/11/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP122843 YES
Lemna minor Wood 8/20/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP123523 YES
Lemna minor Wood 8/20/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP123528 YES
Lemna minor Waushara 6/12/1997 Doherty, Scott E. s.n. UWSP125035 YES
Lemna minor Kenosha 9/14/1996 Lauzon, Heather 5 UWSP125516 YES
Lemna minor Portage 4/30/2000 Streng, Kristin 30 UWSP130913
Lemna minor Waushara 9/23/2004 Hasselbacher, Eric s.n. UWSP139613 YES
Lemna minor Polk 9/26/2004 Loewenhagen, Lynsi s.n. UWSP139678 YES
Lemna minor Fond du Lac 9/10/2004 Canny, Laura 18 UWSP139800 YES
Lemna minor Vilas 8/17/2005 Hoyman, T.A. ON00041 UWSP143563 YES
Lemna minor Forest 8/30/2007 Kolasinski, C. 17 UWSP145215 YES
Lemna minor Burnett 7/26/2007 Berg, Matthew S. 2007-213 UWSP145329 YES
Lemna minor Marquette 8/23/2007 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP145416 YES
Lemna minor Marquette 8/23/2007 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP145421 YES
Lemna minor Polk 8/3/2007 Berg, Matthew S. 2007-022 UWSP146731a YES
Lemna minor St. Croix 9/23/2007 Campbell, Jared s.n. UWSP147903 YES
Lemna minor Langlade 9/19/2005 Wagner, Matthew L. s.n. UWSP148611 YES
Lemna minor Wood 6/30/2008 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP149026 YES
Lemna minor Barron 8/3/2008 Berg, Matthew S. 2008-319 UWSP149549 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/18/2008 Berg, Matthew S. 2008-007 UWSP149550 YES
Lemna minor Sawyer 7/20/2008 Berg, Matthew S. 2008-113 UWSP149551 YES
Lemna minor Burnett 7/26/2008 Berg, Matthew S. 2008-164 UWSP149552 YES
Lemna minor Washburn 7/28/2008 Berg, Matthew S. 2008-217 UWSP149553 YES
Lemna minor Polk Schieffer, S. s.n. UWSP150185 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/22/2008 Schieffer, S. RL0812 UWSP150231 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/26/2006 Wagner, Kelly MN231 UWSP150365a YES
Lemna minor Adams 6/23/2006 La Rosa, Raffica MN17 UWSP150386 YES
Lemna minor Portage 7/17/2006 Van Egeren, Scott MN114 UWSP150426 YES
Lemna minor Burnett 7/18/2006 Wagner, Kelly MN157 UWSP150478 YES
Lemna minor Chippewa 8/7/2006 Wagner, Kelly KW77 UWSP150486 YES
Lemna minor Clark 7/6/2006 Mikulyuk, Alison RL137 UWSP150824 YES
Lemna minor Pepin 7/5/2006 Mikulyuk, Alison RL131 UWSP150828 YES
Lemna minor Price Powers, Randy R. 25 UWSP152237 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/16/2009 Berg, Matthew S. 2009-024 UWSP152341 YES
Lemna minor Polk 8/24/2009 Schieffer, S. BCW1044-09 UWSP152681 YES
Lemna minor Douglas Smith, Alex s.n. UWSP152737 YES
Lemna minor Polk 7/19/2009 Berg, Matthew S. 2009-084 UWSP154580 YES
Lemna minor Waushara 9/16/2009 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP154666 YES
Lemna minor Rusk 8/22/2007 Lonzarich, M. s.n. UWSP154911 YES
Lemna minor Portage 8/6/2010 Boettcher, C.J. s.n. UWSP156489 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/28/2009 Berg, Matthew S. 2009-238 UWSP156922 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/13/2009 Berg, Matthew S. 2009-152 UWSP156954 YES
Lemna minor Burnett 7/26/2009 Berg, Matthew S. 2009-192 UWSP157014 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/29/2009 Berg, Matthew S. 2009-278 UWSP157090 YES
Lemna minor Barron 7/17/2010 Berg, Matthew S. 2010-024 UWSP157143 YES
Lemna minor Burnett 7/8/2010 Morris, Bradley W. 2010-003 UWSP157360 YES
Lemna minor Fond du Lac 11/6/2010 Haas, Zachary s.n. UWSP158224 YES
Lemna minor Oneida 6/12/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:574 UWSP158979
Lemna minor Langlade 6/16/2011 Wagner, Matthew L. 2011: 128 UWSP161727
Lemna minor Langlade 7/21/2011 Wagner, Matthew L. 2011: 395 UWSP162000

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