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Total Records: 77
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Geum canadense Fond du Lac 6/18/1987 Purtell, Harriet M. 67 SUWS011933
Geum canadense Polk 6/29/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 126 SUWS016469
Geum canadense Bayfield 5/27/2001 Anderson, Lisa 2001/21 SUWS016508
Geum canadense Lafayette 9/21/1958 Beach, Wilbur s.n. uwpl001287
Geum canadense Lafayette 6/13/1986 Moeller, Brian 78 uwpl006880
Geum canadense Grant 6/27/1989 Wernimont, Jeff 8 uwpl007770
Geum canadense Grant 10/3/1998 Hollingsworth, Tiffany 62 uwpl008275a
Geum canadense Shawano 6/27/1970 Freckmann, Robert W. 5085 UWSP005085
Geum canadense Kenosha 6/18/1968 Freckmann, Robert W. 3031 UWSP008919
Geum canadense Bayfield 7/1/1970 King, David s.n. UWSP014563
Geum canadense Racine 6/27/1970 Borgo, Peter M. 221 UWSP019320
Geum canadense Walworth 7/17/1970 Borgo, Peter M. 262 UWSP019330
Geum canadense Buffalo 5/24/1972 Tande, Gerald 109 UWSP023023
Geum canadense Waupaca 7/4/1973 Van Gompel, Paul T. 65 UWSP030148
Geum canadense Waupaca 7/4/1973 Van Gompel, Paul T. 71 UWSP030155
Geum canadense Portage 7/1/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 8630 UWSP031083
Geum canadense Rusk 6/23/1973 Olesiak, Thomas 203 UWSP035703
Geum canadense Portage 6/21/1974 Freckmann, Sally K. s.n. UWSP038453
Geum canadense Marathon 7/12/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10709 UWSP038623
Geum canadense Rusk 6/24/1974 Olesiak, Thomas 397 UWSP038983
Geum canadense Sawyer 7/16/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10752 UWSP040772
Geum canadense Wood Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP042048
Geum canadense Marinette 6/28/1962 Whitmire, Robert S. s.n. UWSP042660
Geum canadense Trempealeau 8/6/1975 Englien, John E. s.n. UWSP042853
Geum canadense Marathon 6/26/1975 Krause, Steven A. s.n. UWSP043507
Geum canadense Portage 8/7/1975 Freckmann, Robert W. 12136 UWSP050521
Geum canadense Dodge 6/23/1976 Vine, Vicki K. s.n. UWSP050933
Geum canadense Dodge 7/17/1975 Frank, Gary Don 20 UWSP052909
Geum canadense Portage 7/10/1975 Imhof, Marcus A. s.n. UWSP053630
Geum canadense Milwaukee 7/12/1976 Olesiak, Thomas 76-402 UWSP053915
Geum canadense Milwaukee 8/10/1976 Olesiak, Thomas 76-709 UWSP053996
Geum canadense Jefferson 6/18/1977 Tourbier, Bruce s.n. UWSP058679
Geum canadense Milwaukee 6/1/1978 Evica, Doug 7 UWSP059773
Geum canadense Portage 7/9/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 15672 UWSP074469
Geum canadense Portage 7/9/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 15672 UWSP074470
Geum canadense Portage 7/9/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 15672 UWSP074490
Geum canadense Marinette 8/20/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 16199 UWSP074775
Geum canadense Polk 7/20/1979 Olesiak, Thomas 3841 UWSP076936
Geum canadense Dane 6/28/1980 Farr, Patricia M. 104 UWSP079268
Geum canadense Milwaukee 8/8/1980 La Valley, Steven s.n. UWSP079713
Geum canadense Portage 7/9/1981 Freckmann, Robert W. 17626 UWSP081734
Geum canadense Portage 7/9/1981 Freckmann, Robert W. 17626 UWSP081736
Geum canadense Barron 7/10/1980 Olesiak, Thomas 4256 UWSP084037
Geum canadense Barron 7/10/1981 Olesiak, Thomas 4685 UWSP084950
Geum canadense Calumet Artjes, Susan s.n. UWSP085256
Geum canadense Wood 6/24/1981 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP085500
Geum canadense Door 10/9/1982 Freckmann, Robert W. 18555 UWSP086934
Geum canadense Portage 8/3/1982 Freckmann, Robert W. 18362 UWSP087073
Geum canadense Marathon 8/8/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP089580
Geum canadense Waushara 7/5/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 19803 UWSP092498
Geum canadense Marathon 6/18/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21057 UWSP095184
Geum canadense Marathon 6/18/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 20963 UWSP095991
Geum canadense Langlade 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21188 UWSP096345
Geum canadense Marathon 6/23/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22436 UWSP099818
Geum canadense Marathon 6/23/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22395 UWSP100045
Geum canadense Marathon 6/23/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22533 UWSP100204
Geum canadense Marathon 6/23/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22484 UWSP100972
Geum canadense St. Croix 6/16/1986 Giudice, John H. 39 UWSP100987
Geum canadense Jefferson 10/18/1986 Voight, Steve 12 UWSP101314
Geum canadense Wood 9/9/1988 Freckmann, Robert W. 24011 UWSP105592
Geum canadense Waupaca 7/20/1989 Stern, P. s.n. UWSP108029a
Geum canadense Portage 6/24/1981 Personius, David G. 501 UWSP113411
Geum canadense Portage 8/8/1981 Personius, David G. s.n. UWSP113774
Geum canadense Forest 7/27/1993 Freckmann, Robert W. 27081 UWSP118217
Geum canadense Monroe 7/5/1994 Konarzewski, Jodi s.n. UWSP118963
Geum canadense Juneau 9/7/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP123216
Geum canadense Wood 7/7/1995 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP123587
Geum canadense Waukesha 6/21/1994 Lang, Lori B. s.n. UWSP124718a
Geum canadense Oconto 7/11/1996 Freckmann, Robert W. 28145 UWSP127394
Geum canadense Dane 9/9/1993 Mahoney, Alison McKenzie 203 UWSP128979
Geum canadense Vernon 7/18/2000 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP131040
Geum canadense Monroe 8/15/2001 McCullough, Aaron s.n. UWSP137154
Geum canadense Taylor 8/10/2005 Aldred, Tanya s.n. UWSP140742
Geum canadense Taylor 6/21/2005 Aldred, Tanya s.n. UWSP140743
Geum canadense Ashland 7/5/2006 Baum, Ailena M. s.n. UWSP142143
Geum canadense Florence 6/22/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:741 UWSP159096
Geum canadense Polk 6/19/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1659 UWSP163593

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