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Total Records: 38
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Geranium maculatum Pepin 6/1/1964 Brashier 155 SUWS012577
Geranium maculatum Bayfield 7/10/1966 Collins s.n. SUWS012578
Geranium maculatum Polk 6/1/1964 Brashier 6c SUWS012579
Geranium maculatum La Crosse 6/3/1974 Nontelle, Deon M. 3391 SUWS012581
Geranium maculatum Polk 5/13/1969 Ruenzel, Judy 3 SUWS012582
Geranium maculatum Polk 6/1/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 38 SUWS014868
Geranium maculatum Polk 6/8/2002 Anderson, Derek S. 71 SUWS014888
Geranium maculatum Grant 5/19/1891 uwpl001592
Geranium maculatum Grant 5/9/1941 Botany Class s.n. uwpl001593
Geranium maculatum Grant 5/9/1941 uwpl001594
Geranium maculatum Green 5/25/1957 Holcomb, Gordon E. s.n. uwpl001595
Geranium maculatum Grant 5/20/1957 Schwartz, Leander s.n. uwpl001596
Geranium maculatum Grant 5/9/1941 Botany Class s.n. uwpl001597
Geranium maculatum Grant Robinson, Nora s.n. uwpl001598
Geranium maculatum Lafayette 6/16/1954 Wagner, Russel O. s.n. uwpl001599
Geranium maculatum Grant Moses, A.B. s.n. uwpl001600
Geranium maculatum Grant 6/5/1974 Bennett, Charlene A. 120 uwpl003174
Geranium maculatum Grant 6/5/1974 Bennett, Charlene A. 120 uwpl003175
Geranium maculatum Lafayette 5/31/1986 Moeller, Brian 61 uwpl006813
Geranium maculatum Bayfield 6/6/1987 Olson, Robert 8 uwpl007109
Geranium maculatum Iowa 6/12/1995 Vogel, Cari 21 uwpl008319
Geranium maculatum Iowa 6/12/1995 Vogel, Cari 1 uwpl008365
Geranium maculatum Waupaca 5/7/1999 Alen, Mark 3 UWSP128756
Geranium maculatum Waupaca 5/7/1999 Klug, Hans 20 UWSP128800
Geranium maculatum Rock 5/10/1999 Weeks, Jason 3 UWSP128933
Geranium maculatum Chippewa 5/29/1999 Ray, Julie M. s.n. UWSP129676
Geranium maculatum Polk 5/16/2000 Alen, Mark 77 UWSP130551
Geranium maculatum Waupaca 5/8/2000 Streng, Kristin 5 UWSP130896
Geranium maculatum Washington 5/7/2001 Feltes, Edward s.n. UWSP131711
Geranium maculatum Waushara 5/6/2001 Sierk, Gretchen s.n. UWSP131774
Geranium maculatum Waushara 5/13/2001 Schwalbach, Randall P. 16 UWSP131821
Geranium maculatum Marquette 5/6/2001 Galbraith, Betsy M. 18 UWSP131837
Geranium maculatum Waukesha 5/5/2000 Nowak, Michael D. s.n. UWSP131880
Geranium maculatum Waupaca 5/4/2001 Kehoe, Michelle L. 4 UWSP131964
Geranium maculatum Waupaca 5/4/2001 Echola, Elise s.n. UWSP131985
Geranium maculatum La Crosse 5/5/2001 Niedfeldt, Kyle s.n. UWSP132028
Geranium maculatum Kewaunee 5/15/2004 Sinkula, Adam s.n. UWSP139237
Geranium maculatum Polk 5/25/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1524 UWSP163631

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