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Total Records: 85
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 10/20/1994 Heim, John A. 115 SUWS010814
Coptis trifolia Douglas 6/13/1943 Thomson, John W., Jr. 5232 SUWS010815
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 7/29/1966 Collins s.n. SUWS010816
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 7/21/1966 Cornell s.n. SUWS010817
Coptis trifolia Douglas 5/24/1978 Koch, Rudy G. 10664 SUWS010818
Coptis trifolia Douglas 5/26/1994 Castle, R. 94-49 SUWS014011
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 8/7/1962 Wagner, Russel O. s.n. uwpl001063
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 5/27/1976 Bennett, Charlene A. 341 uwpl003191
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 5/28/1976 Dziekanowski, Chester 2297 uwpl003265
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 5/29/1989 Gerstenberger, Shawn 7 uwpl007679
Coptis trifolia Vilas 7/4/1967 Lang, Dale s.n. UWSP007758
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/15/1970 Leuke, Thomas O. 4 UWSP008102
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/9/1970 Hibbard, Richard s.n. UWSP008195
Coptis trifolia Portage Vieth, E.J. s.n. UWSP008213
Coptis trifolia Douglas 5/23/1969 Koch, Rudy G. 5458 UWSP009335
Coptis trifolia Portage 9/23/1969 Swiontek, Eugene s.n. UWSP010695
Coptis trifolia Portage 6/7/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 15134 UWSP015134
Coptis trifolia Portage Lanser, Dan s.n. UWSP019145
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/11/1972 Hunter, Danny s.n. UWSP019186
Coptis trifolia Portage Whitmire, Robert S. s.n. UWSP020671
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/2/1973 Bennett, Raymond s.n. UWSP026072
Coptis trifolia Portage 4/24/1974 Wywialowski, Alice s.n. UWSP037024
Coptis trifolia Portage 6/6/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10371 UWSP037410
Coptis trifolia Wood Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP042045
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/9/1975 Garrow, Scott s.n. UWSP045006
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/3/1976 Stevenson, Nancy 5 UWSP049558
Coptis trifolia Ashland Perkins, Thomas J. s.n. UWSP051687
Coptis trifolia Portage 4/29/1977 Nemberg, George s.n. UWSP057206
Coptis trifolia Portage 4/27/1977 Lesch, David G. 14 UWSP057341
Coptis trifolia Portage 6/19/1979 Freckmann, Robert W. 15224 UWSP074049
Coptis trifolia Manitowoc 5/19/1979 Olson, Richard C. s.n. UWSP076449
Coptis trifolia Portage 9/12/1979 Kedrowski, Norman J. s.n. UWSP076780
Coptis trifolia Langlade 6/20/1980 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP078595
Coptis trifolia Taylor 6/4/1980 Brownell, Kurt s.n. UWSP079859
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/2/1981 Cleveland, Chris 9 UWSP082715
Coptis trifolia Oneida 9/26/1981 Rudis, Daun s.n. UWSP084412
Coptis trifolia Douglas 9/12/1981 Fraundorf, Anthony s.n. UWSP084574
Coptis trifolia Marathon 9/8/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 19335 UWSP090023
Coptis trifolia Marathon 11/12/1983 Atwell, Dawn M. s.n. UWSP090597
Coptis trifolia Marathon 11/12/1983 Kreis, Doris 9 UWSP090609
Coptis trifolia Monroe Gage, Mary M. s.n. UWSP091129
Coptis trifolia Lincoln 5/5/1984 Timm, David s.n. UWSP093597
Coptis trifolia Shawano 11/17/1984 Merth, Kathy s.n. UWSP094302
Coptis trifolia Wood 7/28/1985 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP097056
Coptis trifolia Portage 10/15/1983 Michaud, Francis G. 0004 UWSP097573
Coptis trifolia Oneida 5/4/1985 Gritzmacher, Carrie s.n. UWSP097664
Coptis trifolia Oneida 8/17/1984 Weiss, Laurie S. s.n. UWSP097704
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/6/1986 Radomski, Joni 16 UWSP098417
Coptis trifolia Vilas 4/29/1986 Des Armo, Suzette s.n. UWSP098541
Coptis trifolia Waupaca 10/17/1986 Vogt, Steven s.n. UWSP101318
Coptis trifolia Marathon 6/30/1987 Freckmann, Robert W. 23408 UWSP103128
Coptis trifolia Marathon 6/30/1987 Freckmann, Robert W. 23408 UWSP103357
Coptis trifolia Portage 10/15/1987 Seybold, W. 10 UWSP103777
Coptis trifolia Vilas 10/31/1987 Conrad, Kris s.n. UWSP103911
Coptis trifolia Bayfield 10/17/1987 Martis, Jeffrey L. s.n. UWSP103914
Coptis trifolia Menominee 12/20/1988 Reiter, Don 17 UWSP106212
Coptis trifolia Jackson 6/30/1989 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP107439
Coptis trifolia Portage 4/20/1987 Santel, Timothy J. s.n. UWSP107722
Coptis trifolia Marathon 9/10/1989 Dallman, Matt 13 UWSP107764
Coptis trifolia Marathon 9/17/1989 Horzewski, David G. 7 UWSP107778
Coptis trifolia Marinette 5/5/1990 Henry, Tyler s.n. UWSP108494
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/6/1990 Allen, Shannon P. s.n. UWSP108533
Coptis trifolia Marathon 8/9/1990 Freckmann, Robert W. 25255 UWSP109944
Coptis trifolia Waushara 5/4/1991 Heibler, Scott s.n. UWSP111069
Coptis trifolia Oneida 9/29/1991 Zuern, Jim s.n. UWSP112386
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/11/1979 Personius, David G. 59 UWSP113133
Coptis trifolia Portage 5/22/1980 Personius, David G. s.n. UWSP114277
Coptis trifolia Forest 6/3/1992 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP115229
Coptis trifolia Oconto 11/11/1997 Doherty, Daniel R. s.n. UWSP124827
Coptis trifolia Oneida 9/27/1997 Kiekhaefer, Craig s.n. UWSP124847
Coptis trifolia Wood Weber, Joel J. s.n. UWSP125184
Coptis trifolia Lincoln 10/1/1997 Maxted, Angie s.n. UWSP125356
Coptis trifolia Oconto 6/5/1995 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP126740
Coptis trifolia Oneida 6/5/1993 Mahoney, Alison McKenzie 209 UWSP128977
Coptis trifolia Marinette 5/6/2000 Sewall, Andrew 306 UWSP130441
Coptis trifolia Wood 9/30/2000 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP131478
Coptis trifolia Rusk 9/24/2000 Lang, Jergen s.n. UWSP131493
Coptis trifolia Marquette 4/10/2001 Galbraith, Betsy M. 2 UWSP131831
Coptis trifolia Waupaca 5/11/2001 Reindl, Laura s.n. UWSP131933
Coptis trifolia Price 9/17/2005 Stroede, Robert s.n. UWSP140911
Coptis trifolia Green Lake 5/8/2004 Disterhaft, Katherine s.n. UWSP141857
Coptis trifolia Clark 4/23/2004 Schumacher, Amy s.n. UWSP141866
Coptis trifolia Ashland 5/10/2006 Baum, Ailena M. s.n. UWSP142171
Coptis trifolia Langlade 8/26/2005 Wagner, Matthew L. s.n. UWSP153567
Coptis trifolia Langlade 5/17/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:345 UWSP158778

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