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Total Records: 47
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Anemone acutiloba Rusk 11/22/2003 Verdegan, Joseph 2003-45 SUWS016774
Anemone acutiloba Grant 5/10/1969 Yager, Thomas 104 uwpl001065
Anemone acutiloba Grant Local Flora [Club] s.n. uwpl001066
Anemone acutiloba Grant 5/1/1879 Cabanis, G.E. s.n. uwpl001067
Anemone acutiloba Lafayette 9/15/1958 Tregoning, Don s.n. uwpl001068
Anemone acutiloba Grant Mueller, Irene M. s.n. uwpl001069
Anemone acutiloba Grant 6/17/1974 Bennett, Charlene A. 200 uwpl003158
Anemone acutiloba Grant 4/17/1977 Kurowski, Sylvia J. 143 uwpl004974
Anemone acutiloba Iowa 4/18/1982 Roethke, John 356 uwpl006404
Anemone acutiloba Grant 5/18/1898 Margan, Mike 3 uwpl007721
Anemone acutiloba Grant 5/21/1989 Webster, M.J. 15 uwpl007818
Anemone acutiloba Waupaca 5/1/1999 McCullough, Aaron 05 UWSP128767
Anemone acutiloba Waupaca 5/1/1999 Mathys, Mathew 05 UWSP128832
Anemone acutiloba Vernon 4/24/1999 Pope, Andrew s.n. UWSP128845
Anemone acutiloba Langlade 10/10/1999 Bailey, Alicia 02 UWSP129496
Anemone acutiloba Polk 5/16/2000 Alen, Mark 79 UWSP130554
Anemone acutiloba Columbia 9/23/2000 Seltzner, Rachel 5 UWSP131128
Anemone acutiloba Sawyer 9/24/2000 Lang, Jergen s.n. UWSP131174
Anemone acutiloba Marathon 4/28/2001 Szymanski, Cathy 4 UWSP131718
Anemone acutiloba Winnebago 4/29/2001 Nagel, Juliet 14 UWSP131750
Anemone acutiloba Waupaca 5/4/2001 Kehoe, Michelle L. 05 UWSP131965
Anemone acutiloba Waupaca 5/4/2001 Wise, Rob s.n. UWSP131973
Anemone acutiloba Waupaca 5/4/2001 Echola, Elise s.n. UWSP131982
Anemone acutiloba Marathon 4/28/2001 O'Dell, Sadie s.n. UWSP131994
Anemone acutiloba Crawford 4/27/2001 Roethle, Shane 01 UWSP132048
Anemone acutiloba Wood 4/29/2000 Groshek, Amy 4 UWSP132281
Anemone acutiloba Waupaca 5/3/2002 Miller, Gabriel J. 5 UWSP132933
Anemone acutiloba Washington 5/7/1975 Reich, Robert J. R-205-75 UWSP133620
Anemone acutiloba Monroe 5/4/2002 Raiten, James s.n. UWSP134003
Anemone acutiloba Waupaca Jensen, Eric A. s.n. UWSP136370
Anemone acutiloba Shawano 5/2/2003 Hundt, Peter 2 UWSP136675
Anemone acutiloba Sheboygan 4/27/2002 Domke, Grant s.n. UWSP136818
Anemone acutiloba Door 10/13/2002 Stoffregen, J.R. s.n. UWSP137781
Anemone acutiloba Rusk 4/25/2003 Schimdt, Weston s.n. UWSP137968
Anemone acutiloba Dodge 9/17/2005 Wienke, Lori s.n. UWSP140905
Anemone acutiloba Shawano 4/30/2004 Luepke, Kevin 1 UWSP141130
Anemone acutiloba Clark 4/30/2004 Opelt, Lindsay s.n. UWSP141152
Anemone acutiloba Taylor 5/1/2004 Winger, Kyle 4 UWSP141518
Anemone acutiloba Taylor 5/1/2004 Cornell, Lindsey 11 UWSP141557
Anemone acutiloba Shawano 5/7/2004 Sauter, David s.n. UWSP141716
Anemone acutiloba Pepin 4/24/2004 Schmidt, Brian 6 UWSP141868
Anemone acutiloba Taylor 7/11/2006 Aldred, Tanya s.n. UWSP142861
Anemone acutiloba Langlade 5/10/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010: 255 UWSP156121
Anemone acutiloba Langlade 5/15/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:315 UWSP158751
Anemone acutiloba Langlade 5/15/2010 Wagner, Matthew L. 2010:324 UWSP158760
Anemone acutiloba Langlade 5/10/2010 Wagner, Matthew L 2010:1506 UWSP160009
Anemone acutiloba Polk 5/7/2011 Anderson, Derek S. 1449 UWSP163396

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