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Total Records: 44
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Acer platanoides Douglas 5/13/1993 Castle, R. 93 A-100 SUWS012495
Acer platanoides Douglas 10/15/1993 Castle, R. 93-400 SUWS012502
Acer platanoides Bayfield 10/16/1994 Anderson, Jason 11 SUWS012503
Acer platanoides Grant 5/15/1963 Wagner, Russel O. s.n. uwpl001727
Acer platanoides Grant 7/10/1950 Luttig, Christina s.n. uwpl001728
Acer platanoides Grant Walker, Robert s.n. uwpl001729
Acer platanoides Grant 9/24/1957 Payne, Duane C. s.n. uwpl001730
Acer platanoides Grant Barr, Robert s.n. uwpl001731
Acer platanoides Grant 7/10/1950 Luttig, Christina s.n. uwpl001732
Acer platanoides Grant Kindschi, R. s.n. uwpl001733
Acer platanoides Grant 5/15/1963 Wagner, Russel O. s.n. uwpl001734
Acer platanoides Grant 9/16/1965 Koranda, G.L. 13 uwpl001735
Acer platanoides Lafayette 10/12/1965 Unterholzner, Frank L. s.n. uwpl001736
Acer platanoides Grant Reimer, David s.n. uwpl001737
Acer platanoides Grant 9/28/1965 Dickau, Bruce E. 3 uwpl001738
Acer platanoides Bayfield 5/30/1976 Dziekanowski, Chester 2318 uwpl003271
Acer platanoides Grant 10/3/1977 Roethke, John 36 uwpl004007
Acer platanoides Grant 10/5/1998 Hollingsworth, Tiffany 68 uwpl08324
Acer platanoides La Crosse 5/6/1974 De Goey, Steve R. 58 UWSP003853
Acer platanoides Milwaukee 7/8/1960 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003906
Acer platanoides Milwaukee 7/8/1960 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003907
Acer platanoides Dodge 6/24/1970 Schroeder, Richard s.n. UWSP012807
Acer platanoides Portage 5/19/1971 Madigan, Michael s.n. UWSP016117
Acer platanoides Dane 5/15/1971 Madigan, Michael 24 UWSP016162
Acer platanoides Waukesha 8/17/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. 5595 UWSP016350
Acer platanoides Portage 4/4/1973 Bent, M. s.n. UWSP025886
Acer platanoides Waushara 9/15/1973 Lutz, Robert s.n. UWSP036217
Acer platanoides Dodge 9/13/1974 Frank, Gary Don 42274 UWSP042274
Acer platanoides Portage 6/1/1975 Imhof, Marcus A. s.n. UWSP053531
Acer platanoides Milwaukee 2/14/1976 Olesiak, Thomas 76-61 UWSP054008
Acer platanoides Washington 8/25/1977 Kuss, Terry s.n. UWSP058312
Acer platanoides Portage 7/17/1977 Imhof, Marcus A. s.n. UWSP073127
Acer platanoides Wood 5/3/1981 Bogdansky, Alvin L. s.n. UWSP085688
Acer platanoides Kenosha 10/12/1987 Boness, Todd 12 UWSP103875
Acer platanoides Kenosha 10/12/1987 Boness, Todd 2 UWSP103936
Acer platanoides Columbia 5/1/1988 Zakoski, Thomas s.n. UWSP104812
Acer platanoides Wood 5/10/1992 Farrell, James 1 UWSP114607
Acer platanoides Marathon 9/15/1990 Okray, James M. s.n. UWSP114688
Acer platanoides Iron 9/10/1993 Reed, Pat s.n. UWSP117627
Acer platanoides Dane 10/8/1994 Margelofsky, Brian 6 UWSP119534
Acer platanoides Milwaukee 10/15/1994 Thill, Mandy s.n. UWSP121265
Acer platanoides Waukesha 9/14/1997 Zimmerman, Gina s.n. UWSP124979
Acer platanoides Portage 6/29/2000 Shippy, Jane s.n. UWSP130535
Acer platanoides Oconto 9/29/2001 Hansel, Michele s.n. UWSP133053

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