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Total Records: 181
Taxon County Date Collector Coll.No. Accession Image
Abies balsamea Bayfield 7/20/1964 Brashier PL-217 SUWS010164
Abies balsamea Douglas 7/24/1978 Younger, Patti 7945 SUWS010538
Abies balsamea Vilas 10/15/1992 McGovern, Scott 92/20 SUWS010539
Abies balsamea Douglas 9/10/1992 Castle, R. 92-13 SUWS010540b
Abies balsamea Douglas 10/15/1992 Munich, Robert A. 26/92 SUWS010541
Abies balsamea Douglas 9/24/1994 Ojanen, Joanne M. 94-15 SUWS010652
Abies balsamea Bayfield Brost, Mike 14 SUWS010653
Abies balsamea Douglas 11/13/1997 Eisenmann, Sarah 97-39 SUWS012944
Abies balsamea Douglas 9/18/1999 Maier, Merissa L. 99/54 SUWS013184
Abies balsamea Douglas 9/28/1999 Anderson, Jeffrey A. 99/34 SUWS013243
Abies balsamea Douglas 9/21/1999 Moder, Jennifer A. 99-33 SUWS013264
Abies balsamea Douglas 9/21/1999 Moder, Jennifer A. 99-40 SUWS013265
Abies balsamea Douglas 9/18/1999 Weinandt, Michael J. 99/54 SUWS013399
Abies balsamea Oneida 9/20/1997 Behn, T. 97-37 SUWS013551
Abies balsamea Douglas 10/18/1996 Juve, Karla 96:01 SUWS013745
Abies balsamea Sawyer 11/17/1997 Salomaki, Shannon 97/34 SUWS013777
Abies balsamea Douglas 10/2/2001 Neely, Chuck 10/01 SUWS016474
Abies balsamea Bayfield 6/3/2001 Anderson, Lisa 2001/67 SUWS016532
Abies balsamea Douglas 12/4/2003 Pearson, Tyrus 47/03 SUWS016704
Abies balsamea Douglas 1/22/2003 Anderson, Derek S. 02/03 SUWS016905
Abies balsamea Douglas 6/30/2006 Anderson, Derek S. 92 SUWS017459
Abies balsamea Douglas 7/15/2006 Stauff, Janelle 93 SUWS017460
Abies balsamea Forest 8/10/1960 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP003504
Abies balsamea Oneida 9/11/1970 Jefcik, Ronald R. s.n. UWSP013378
Abies balsamea Oneida 9/6/1970 Meyer, Greg s.n. UWSP013435
Abies balsamea Forest 8/15/1970 Majewski, David S. s.n. UWSP013516
Abies balsamea Oconto 1/28/1971 Langer, John P. s.n. UWSP015058
Abies balsamea Forest 6/25/1966 Fiehweg, Robert s.n. UWSP015494
Abies balsamea Marathon 5/2/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. 5431 UWSP015775
Abies balsamea Waushara 10/8/1971 Boucek, Emil J., Jr. 52 UWSP016519
Abies balsamea Vilas 9/26/1971 Freckmann, Robert W. 5716 UWSP018763
Abies balsamea Door 6/17/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6377 UWSP019757
Abies balsamea Shawano 6/26/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6712 UWSP020265
Abies balsamea Oneida 7/27/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 6986 UWSP022625
Abies balsamea Lincoln 7/29/1972 Freckmann, Robert W. 7210 UWSP026825
Abies balsamea Marathon 6/6/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 8384 UWSP033259
Abies balsamea Portage 12/31/1973 Sterling, Jerry s.n. UWSP036169
Abies balsamea Waushara 11/30/1973 Lutz, Robert s.n. UWSP036943
Abies balsamea Marquette 1/30/1974 Gohlke, Dennis P. s.n. UWSP037187
Abies balsamea Bayfield 8/9/1973 Freckmann, Robert W. 9570 UWSP037550
Abies balsamea Waupaca 6/16/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10435 UWSP037904
Abies balsamea Rusk 3/12/1974 Olesiak, Thomas 02 UWSP039506
Abies balsamea Vilas 5/15/1974 Wege, Gary J. s.n. UWSP039580
Abies balsamea Bayfield 7/23/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10816 UWSP040617
Abies balsamea Bayfield 8/4/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. 10975 UWSP041200
Abies balsamea Bayfield 7/26/1974 Freckmann, Robert W. s.n. UWSP041209
Abies balsamea Forest 1/2/1975 Thiel, Richard P. s.n. UWSP042144
Abies balsamea Taylor 6/15/1974 Manville, Albert M. s.n. UWSP043015
Abies balsamea Taylor 7/16/1974 Manville, Albert M. s.n. UWSP043046
Abies balsamea Bayfield 6/17/1975 Lautenbach, James 3 UWSP043284
Abies balsamea Marathon 7/1/1975 King, Jerry s.n. UWSP043586
Abies balsamea Portage 5/10/1975 Garrow, Scott s.n. UWSP045003
Abies balsamea Douglas 6/17/1975 Freckmann, Robert W. 11756 UWSP045717
Abies balsamea Oneida Zeiler, Chuck s.n. UWSP049232
Abies balsamea Ashland 6/25/1975 Freckmann, Robert W. 11923 UWSP051534
Abies balsamea Douglas 6/17/1975 Freckmann, Robert W. 11911 UWSP051558
Abies balsamea Milwaukee 1/24/1976 Olesiak, Thomas 76 UWSP053985
Abies balsamea Marathon 4/19/1976 Freckmann, Robert W. 13359 UWSP054515
Abies balsamea Portage 7/17/1977 Freckmann, Robert W. 13942 UWSP055380
Abies balsamea Marinette 9/2/1978 Nell, Sheri s.n. UWSP071205
Abies balsamea Barron 5/6/1978 Olesiak, Thomas 3102 UWSP071729
Abies balsamea Taylor 9/22/1979 Brownell, Kurt s.n. UWSP076587
Abies balsamea Langlade 6/20/1980 Freckmann, Robert W. 16513 UWSP079122
Abies balsamea Taylor 8/21/1980 Brownell, Kurt 61 UWSP079891
Abies balsamea Marathon 11/25/1980 Robbins, Kevin s.n. UWSP080214
Abies balsamea Vilas 9/6/1981 Koschak, Jeff s.n. UWSP084640
Abies balsamea Portage 7/2/1981 Gage, Linda M. s.n. UWSP085114
Abies balsamea Door 10/9/1982 Freckmann, Robert W. 18589 UWSP087062
Abies balsamea Marathon 8/26/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 19216 UWSP089521
Abies balsamea Marathon 8/25/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 19098 UWSP089686
Abies balsamea Marathon 8/11/1983 Freckmann, Robert W. 19028 UWSP090055
Abies balsamea Marathon 11/12/1983 Atwell, Dawn M. s.n. UWSP090596
Abies balsamea Marathon 11/12/1983 Kreis, Doris 12 UWSP090608
Abies balsamea Ashland 10/20/1983 Willging, Bob s.n. UWSP090759
Abies balsamea Marathon 6/28/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 19661 UWSP092475
Abies balsamea Marathon 8/24/1984 Freckmann, Robert W. 20185 UWSP093471
Abies balsamea Manitowoc 11/10/1984 Wilker, Alan L. s.n. UWSP094313
Abies balsamea Marathon 7/9/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21409 UWSP095341
Abies balsamea Vilas 7/6/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21225 UWSP096068
Abies balsamea Marathon 8/12/1985 Freckmann, Robert W. 21650 UWSP096836
Abies balsamea Waupaca 5/4/1986 Loken, Dan s.n. UWSP098495
Abies balsamea Marathon 6/6/1986 Freckmann, Robert W. 22177 UWSP099880
Abies balsamea Lincoln 9/27/1986 Jensen, James 09 UWSP101284
Abies balsamea Adams 9/21/1986 Albrecht, James 04 UWSP101364
Abies balsamea Shawano 9/13/1987 Bowers, Barb s.n. UWSP103591
Abies balsamea Wood 12/12/1987 Feind, Kevin 06 UWSP103805
Abies balsamea Marinette 12/9/1987 Nielsen, Michael s.n. UWSP103813
Abies balsamea Kenosha 10/12/1987 Boness, Todd 20 UWSP103872
Abies balsamea Vilas 10/31/1987 Conrad, Kris s.n. UWSP103877
Abies balsamea Portage 10/15/1988 Crabb, Ken 08 UWSP106165
Abies balsamea Florence 11/20/1988 Hoppa, Thomas 15 UWSP106402
Abies balsamea Marathon 12/1/1988 Suckow, Jason s.n. UWSP106464
Abies balsamea Marathon 5/12/1989 Maciaz, Ken s.n. UWSP106928
Abies balsamea Waupaca 4/26/1989 Kramer, Karl H. s.n. UWSP106983
Abies balsamea Oconto 12/10/1989 Hepp, Erik 10 UWSP107855
Abies balsamea Oneida 10/21/1989 Franson, Kyle 17 UWSP107957
Abies balsamea Waupaca 10/13/1989 Breyfogle, Dan s.n. UWSP108188
Abies balsamea Marathon 9/8/1989 Wysocki, Mary s.n. UWSP110317
Abies balsamea Sawyer 11/24/1990 Lazers, Tom s.n. UWSP110633
Abies balsamea Chippewa 12/8/1990 Schwartz, Matthew s.n. UWSP110702
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