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Because of technology changes and personnel changes at UWSP and the Wisconsin State Herbarium, the database of plant species housed at this site was merged with the database from the OLD WisFlora website to create a new Flora of Wisconsin website at Currently we are encouraging all Wisplant viewers to begin using the Flora of Wisconsin website as soon as possible. Wisplants will remain operational through July 13th. After that date, all traffic to Wisplants will be redirected to the Flora of Wisconsin website.

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Photographer: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Total distinct plants (not total photos) as either as a main or in additional photograph(s): 19

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Family Taxon Common NamePhotographs
Aspleniaceae Asplenium pinnatifidum Nutt. lobed spleenwort Photograph of Asplenium pinnatifidum Nutt.
Asteraceae Prenanthes crepidinea Michx. great white-lettuce, Midwestern white-lettuce, nodding rattlesnake-root Photograph of Prenanthes crepidinea Michx.
Asteraceae Tanacetum huronense Nutt. eastern tansy, Lake Huron tansy Photograph of Tanacetum huronense Nutt.
Brassicaceae Draba cana Rydb. hoary whitlow-grass Photograph of Draba cana Rydb.
Caprifoliaceae Viburnum edule (Michx.) Raf. moose-berry viburnum, squash-berry Photograph of Viburnum edule (Michx.) Raf.
Cyperaceae Fimbristylis puberula (Michx.) Vahl var. puberula chestnut sedge, hairy fimbristylis, hairy fimbry Photograph of Fimbristylis puberula (Michx.) Vahl var. puberula
Droseraceae Drosera anglica Huds. English sundew Photograph of Drosera anglica Huds.
Droseraceae Drosera linearis Goldie linear-leaved sundew, slender-leaved sundew Photograph of Drosera linearis Goldie
Fabaceae Dalea villosa (Nutt.) Spreng. var. villosa downy prairie-clover, silky prairie-clover Photograph of Dalea villosa (Nutt.) Spreng. var. villosa
Fabaceae Lespedeza leptostachya Engelm. prairie bush-clover, prairie lespedeza Photograph of Lespedeza leptostachya Engelm.
Hypericaceae Hypericum sphaerocarpum Michx. round-fruited St. John's-wort, round-seeded St. John's-wort Photograph of Hypericum sphaerocarpum Michx.
Juncaceae Juncus stygius L. var. americanus Buchenau bog rush, moor rush Photograph of Juncus stygius L. var. americanus Buchenau
Lamiaceae Collinsonia canadensis L. Canada horse-balm, northern horse-balm, richweed, stoneroot Photograph of Collinsonia canadensis L.
Liliaceae Triantha glutinosa (Michx.) Baker false asphodel, gluten tofieldia, sticky false asphodel Photograph of Triantha glutinosa (Michx.) Baker
Oleaceae Fraxinus quadrangulata Michx. blue ash Photograph of Fraxinus quadrangulata Michx.
Plantaginaceae Plantago cordata Lam. heart-leaved plantain, king-root Photograph of Plantago cordata Lam.
Salicaceae Salix cordata Michx. dune willow, heart-leaf willow, sand dune willow Photograph of Salix cordata Michx.
Santalaceae Geocaulon lividum (Richardson) Fernald false toadflax, northern comandra Photograph of Geocaulon lividum (Richardson) Fernald
Selaginellaceae Selaginella selaginoides (L.) P.Beauv. ex Mart. & Schrank club spike-moss, low spike-moss, northern spike-moss, rock spike-moss Photograph of Selaginella selaginoides (L.) P.Beauv. ex Mart. & Schrank

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