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Because of technology changes and personnel changes at UWSP and the Wisconsin State Herbarium, the database of plant species housed at this site was merged with the database from the OLD WisFlora website to create a new Flora of Wisconsin website at Currently we are encouraging all Wisplant viewers to begin using the Flora of Wisconsin website as soon as possible. Wisplants will remain operational through July 13th. After that date, all traffic to Wisplants will be redirected to the Flora of Wisconsin website.

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Photographer: Darrin Kimbler

Total distinct plants (not total photos) as either as a main or in additional photograph(s): 30

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Family Taxon Common NamePhotographs
Aceraceae Acer pensylvanicum L. goosefoot maple, moosewood, striped maple Photograph of Acer pensylvanicum L.
Anacardiaceae Rhus aromatica Aiton fragrant sumac Photograph of Rhus aromatica Aiton
Anacardiaceae Rhus hirta (L.) Sudw. staghorn sumac, velvet sumac Photograph of Rhus hirta (L.) Sudw.
Betulaceae Betula alleghaniensis Britton yellow birch Photograph of Betula alleghaniensis Britton
Betulaceae Betula nigra L. black birch, red birch, river birch Photograph of Betula nigra L.
Betulaceae Betula papyrifera Marshall canoe birch, paper birch, white birch Photograph of Betula papyrifera Marshall
Betulaceae Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K.Koch eastern hop-hornbeam, ironwood Photograph of Ostrya virginiana (Mill.) K.Koch
Caesalpiniaceae Gleditsia triacanthos L. honey locust Photograph of Gleditsia triacanthos L.
Caesalpiniaceae Gymnocladus dioicus (L.) K.Koch Kentucky coffee-tree Photograph of Gymnocladus dioicus (L.) K.Koch
Caprifoliaceae Symphoricarpos albus (L.) S.F.Blake snowberry Photograph of Symphoricarpos albus (L.) S.F.Blake
Celastraceae Euonymus alata (Thunb.) Siebold winged burning-bush, winged euonymus, winged spindle-tree Photograph of Euonymus alata (Thunb.) Siebold
Cornaceae Cornus amomum Mill. var. schuetzeana (C.A.Mey.) Rickett blue-fruited dogwood, silky dogwood Photograph of Cornus amomum Mill. var. schuetzeana (C.A.Mey.) Rickett
Cupressaceae Juniperus virginiana L. var. virginiana eastern red-cedar Photograph of Juniperus virginiana L. var. virginiana
Cupressaceae Thuja occidentalis L. eastern arborvitae, northern white-cedar Photograph of Thuja occidentalis L.
Fabaceae Caragana arborescens Lam. pea-tree, Siberian pea-shrub Photograph of Caragana arborescens Lam.
Fabaceae Robinia pseudoacacia L. black locust Photograph of Robinia pseudoacacia L.
Fagaceae Castanea dentata (Marshall) Borkh. American chestnut Photograph of Castanea dentata (Marshall) Borkh.
Fagaceae Quercus palustris Münchh. pin oak Photograph of Quercus palustris Münchh.
Fagaceae Quercus rubra L. northern red oak Photograph of Quercus rubra L.
Fagaceae Quercus velutina Lam. black oak Photograph of Quercus velutina Lam.
Hamamelidaceae Hamamelis virginiana L. American witch-hazel Photograph of Hamamelis virginiana L.
Iridaceae Iris pseudacorus L. pale-yellow iris, water flag, yellow flag, yellow iris, yellow water flag, yellow water iris Photograph of Iris pseudacorus L.
Nyssaceae Nyssa sylvatica Marshall var. sylvatica black gum, black tupelo, pepperidge, sour-gum Photograph of Nyssa sylvatica Marshall var. sylvatica
Pinaceae Abies balsamea (L.) Mill. balsam fir, Canada balsam Photograph of Abies balsamea (L.) Mill.
Rosaceae Cotoneaster lucidus Schltdl. [Excluded] shiny cotoneaster Photograph of Cotoneaster lucidus Schltdl.
Rosaceae Pentaphylloides floribunda (Pursh) A.Löve shrubby cinquefoil, shrubby five-fingers Photograph of Pentaphylloides floribunda (Pursh) A.Löve
Rosaceae Sorbus aucuparia L. Eurasian mountain-ash, European mountain-ash, rowan Photograph of Sorbus aucuparia L.
Simaroubaceae Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle tree-of-heaven Photograph of Ailanthus altissima (Mill.) Swingle
Staphyleaceae Staphylea trifolia L. American bladdernut Photograph of Staphylea trifolia L.
Tiliaceae Tilia americana L. var. americana American basswood, American linden, basswood Photograph of Tilia americana L. var. americana

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