Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium

Potamogeton L.

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Potamogeton alpinus

Potamogeton alpinus X P. richardsonii

Potamogeton amplifolius

Potamogeton amplifolius X P. praelongus

Potamogeton bicupulatus

Potamogeton confervoides

Potamogeton crispus

Potamogeton diversifolius

Potamogeton epihydrus

Potamogeton foliosus subsp. foliosus

Potamogeton friesii

Potamogeton gramineus

Potamogeton hillii

Potamogeton illinoensis

Potamogeton illinoensis X P. richardsonii

Potamogeton natans

Potamogeton nodosus

Potamogeton oakesianus

Potamogeton obtusifolius

Potamogeton perfoliatus

Potamogeton praelongus

Potamogeton praelongus X P. richardsonii

Potamogeton pulcher

Potamogeton pusillus

Potamogeton pusillus subsp. pusillus

Potamogeton pusillus subsp. tenuissimus

Potamogeton richardsonii

Potamogeton richardsonii X Potamogeton

Potamogeton robbinsii

Potamogeton spirillus

Potamogeton strictifolius

Potamogeton vaseyi

Potamogeton X griffithii

Potamogeton X hagstroemii

Potamogeton X haynesii

Potamogeton X nericius

Potamogeton X scoliophyllus

Potamogeton X spathuliformis

Potamogeton X subsessilis

Potamogeton zosteriformis

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