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Carex L.

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Carex adusta

Carex aggregata

Carex albicans

Carex albursina

Carex albicans var. albicans

Carex albicans var. emmonsii

Carex alopecoidea

Carex annectens

Carex annectens var. annectens

Carex annectens var. xanthocarpa

Carex aquatilis

Carex aquatilis var. aquatilis

Carex aquatilis var. substricta

Carex arcta

Carex arctata

Carex assiniboinensis

Carex atherodes

Carex atherodes X C. trichocarpa

Carex aurea

Carex backii

Carex bebbii

Carex bicknellii

Carex blanda

Carex brevior

Carex bromoides subsp. bromoides

Carex brunnescens subsp. sphaerostachya

Carex bushii

Carex buxbaumii

Carex canescens

Carex canescens subsp. canescens

Carex canescens subsp. disjuncta

Carex capillaris

Carex careyana

Carex castanea

Carex cephalophora

Carex cephaloidea

Carex chordorrhiza

Carex comosa

Carex comosa X C. hystericina

Carex communis var. communis

Carex concinna

Carex conoidea

Carex crawei

Carex crawfordii

Carex cristatella

Carex crinita var. crinita

Carex crus-corvi

Carex cryptolepis

Carex cumulata

Carex davisii

Carex debilis var. rudgei

Carex deflexa var. deflexa

Carex deweyana var. deweyana

Carex diandra

Carex digitalis var. digitalis

Carex disperma

Carex eburnea

Carex echinata subsp. echinata

Carex emoryi

Carex exilis

Carex festucacea

Carex festucacea X C. tenera

Carex flava

Carex foenea

Carex folliculata

Carex formosa

Carex garberi

Carex gracilescens

Carex gracillima

Carex granularis

Carex gravida

Carex grayi

Carex grisea

Carex gynandra

Carex gynocrates

Carex haydenii

Carex hirtifolia

Carex hirta

Carex hitchcockiana

Carex houghtoniana

Carex hystericina

Carex inops subsp. heliophila

Carex interior

Carex intumescens

Carex jamesii

Carex lacustris

Carex laeviconica

Carex laevivaginata

Carex laeviconica X C. trichocarpa

Carex lasiocarpa subsp. americana

Carex laxiculmis

Carex laxiflora

Carex laxiculmis var. copulata

Carex laxiculmis var. laxiculmis

Carex leavenworthii

Carex lenticularis var. lenticularis

Carex leptonervia

Carex leptalea subsp. leptalea

Carex limosa

Carex livida

Carex longii

Carex lucorum var. lucorum

Carex lupuliformis

Carex lupulina

Carex lurida

Carex magellanica subsp. irrigua

Carex meadii

Carex media

Carex merritt-fernaldii

Carex michauxiana

Carex molesta

Carex muhlenbergii

Carex muhlenbergii var. enervis

Carex muhlenbergii var. muhlenbergii

Carex muskingumensis

Carex nebrascensis

Carex nigra

Carex normalis

Carex novae-angliae

Carex oligocarpa

Carex oligosperma

Carex ormostachya

Carex ovalis

Carex pallescens

Carex pauciflora

Carex peckii

Carex pedunculata

Carex pellita

Carex pensylvanica

Carex plantaginea

Carex platyphylla

Carex praegracilis

Carex prairea

Carex prasina

Carex projecta

Carex pseudocyperus

Carex radiata

Carex retrorsa

Carex richardsonii

Carex rosea

Carex rostrata

Carex sartwellii

Carex scabrata

Carex schweinitzii

Carex scoparia var. scoparia

Carex cf. scoparia X C. tribuloides

Carex siccata

Carex sparganioides

Carex spicata

Carex sprengelii

Carex sterilis

Carex stipata var. stipata

Carex straminea

Carex stricta

Carex suberecta

Carex swanii

Carex sychnocephala

Carex tenuiflora

Carex tenera

Carex tenera var. echinodes

Carex tenera var. tenera

Carex tetanica

Carex tincta

Carex tonsa

Carex tonsa var. rugosperma

Carex tonsa var. tonsa

Carex torreyi

Carex trichocarpa

Carex trisperma

Carex tribuloides var. tribuloides

Carex tuckermanii

Carex typhina

Carex umbellata

Carex utriculata

Carex vaginata

Carex vesicaria

Carex viridula subsp. viridula

Carex vulpinoidea

Carex woodii

Carex X knieskernii

Carex X laricina

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