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Specimen Map Results for Crataegus pedicellata Sarg. :Town: 08N Range: 22E

Click on Accession for label data. (new window) Total Records: 26
Accession Coll. Date County
UWGB7056 5/25/1942 Milwaukee
UWGB7057 9/30/1942 Milwaukee
MIL108518 9/3/1944 Milwaukee
MIL109867 9/7/1944 Milwaukee
MIL109872 9/7/1944 Milwaukee
MIL109876 9/12/1944 Milwaukee
MIL109881 9/14/1944 Milwaukee
MIL109883 9/14/1944 Milwaukee
MIL109884 9/14/1944 Milwaukee
UWGB7062 9/14/1944 Milwaukee
MIL109881a 5/25/1948 Milwaukee
MIL109883a 5/25/1948 Milwaukee
MIL109884a 5/25/1948 Milwaukee
MIL109867a 5/26/1948 Milwaukee
MIL109876a 5/26/1948 Milwaukee
MIL110035a 5/26/1948 Milwaukee
MIL110035 9/14/1948 Milwaukee
MIL110260 6/6/1950 Milwaukee
MIL110260b 9/28/1950 Milwaukee
MIL110300a 9/28/1950 Milwaukee
MIL110302a 9/28/1950 Milwaukee
MIL110260a 5/12/1952 Milwaukee
MIL110302 5/12/1952 Milwaukee
v0089188WIS 5/12/1952 Milwaukee
v0089391WIS 5/12/1952 Milwaukee
MIL110300 5/17/1952 Milwaukee

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Note: Specimen numbers beginning with:
ber Wis. Bureau of Endangered Resources- of DNR RIVE UW-River Falls
dnr Wis. Dept. of Natural Resources sewrpc SE Regional Planning Commission
dnr-EC Wis. Dept. of Natural Resources SUWS UW-Superior
ftmc Fort McCoy UWEC UW-Eau Claire
icf International Crane Foundation UWGB UW-Green Bay
ISM Illinois State Museum UWL UW-Lacrosse
MIL Milwaukee Public Museum UWM UW-Milwaukee
MIN Univerity of Minnesota uwpl UW-Platteville
MOR Morton Arboretum UWSP UW-Stevens Point
OSH UW-Oshkosh UWW UW-Whitewater
pf Park Falls Ranger Station ending with WIS UW-Madison
WI DNR NHI WI Natural Heritage Inventory

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