Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium

Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. Detailed Distribution:

T53N, R03W T53N, R01W
T52N, R05W T52N, R03W T52N, R02W
T50N, R04W T50N, R03W
T49N, R14W T49N, R13W
T47N, R06W T47N, R05W T47N, R04W
T46N, R15W
T45N, R08W T45N, R07W
T44N, R07W
T43N, R06W
T42N, R11E
T41N, R08W
T40N, R09W T40N, R10E
T39N, R11E
T38N, R12W
T37N, R11W T37N, R03W T37N, R08E T37N, R17E T37N, R19E
T36N, R13E T36N, R17E T36N, R20E
T35N, R11W T35N, R01W T35N, R06E
T34N, R19W T34N, R18W T34N, R16W T34N, R14W T34N, R03E T34N, R06E T34N, R11E T34N, R21E T34N, R30E
T33N, R17W T33N, R12W T33N, R01W T33N, R02E T33N, R10E T33N, R15E T33N, R29E
T32N, R09W T32N, R15E
T31N, R05W T31N, R03W T31N, R01W T31N, R10E T31N, R11E T31N, R26E
T30N, R15W T30N, R07E T30N, R08E T30N, R12E T30N, R24E T30N, R25E T30N, R28E
T29N, R07E T29N, R11E T29N, R17E T29N, R18E
T28N, R11W T28N, R08W T28N, R04W T28N, R15E T28N, R19E T28N, R25E T28N, R26E
T27N, R19W T27N, R03E T27N, R07E T27N, R17E T27N, R19E T27N, R26E
T26N, R14W T26N, R19E T26N, R26E
T25N, R03E T25N, R11E T25N, R14E T25N, R16E T25N, R19E T25N, R20E T25N, R25E
T24N, R07E T24N, R08E T24N, R19E T24N, R21E T24N, R24E
T23N, R11E T23N, R21E T23N, R22E
T22N, R09W T22N, R06W T22N, R06E T22N, R07E T22N, R14E T22N, R15E T22N, R24E
T21N, R12W T21N, R01E T21N, R07E T21N, R15E T21N, R17E
T20N, R07W T20N, R05W T20N, R10E T20N, R16E T20N, R24E T20N, R25E
T19N, R11W T19N, R08W T19N, R01W T19N, R08E
T18N, R10W T18N, R09E T18N, R13E T18N, R16E T18N, R21E
T17N, R15E T17N, R20E
T16N, R07W T16N, R02W T16N, R01E T16N, R16E
T15N, R12E T15N, R23E
T14N, R02W T14N, R04E T14N, R06E T14N, R11E T14N, R14E T14N, R16E
T13N, R04W T13N, R05E T13N, R06E T13N, R21E
T12N, R02E T12N, R06E T12N, R14E T12N, R16E T12N, R19E T12N, R20E
T11N, R07W T11N, R04W T11N, R03W T11N, R02W T11N, R02E T11N, R06E T11N, R07E T11N, R08E T11N, R10E T11N, R13E T11N, R19E T11N, R20E
T10N, R01E T10N, R02E T10N, R09E T10N, R10E T10N, R11E T10N, R12E T10N, R14E T10N, R16E T10N, R18E T10N, R19E T10N, R21E
T09N, R04W T09N, R02E T09N, R05E T09N, R06E T09N, R18E
T08N, R05W T08N, R02W T08N, R03E T08N, R04E T08N, R05E T08N, R07E T08N, R09E T08N, R11E T08N, R12E T08N, R14E T08N, R15E T08N, R17E T08N, R19E T08N, R20E T08N, R21E T08N, R22E
T07N, R05W T07N, R01W T07N, R04E T07N, R07E T07N, R09E T07N, R11E T07N, R13E T07N, R19E T07N, R20E T07N, R21E T07N, R22E
T06N, R03E T06N, R05E T06N, R08E T06N, R10E T06N, R17E T06N, R18E T06N, R21E T06N, R22E
T05N, R02W T05N, R05E T05N, R06E T05N, R12E T05N, R17E T05N, R20E
T04N, R07E T04N, R08E T04N, R10E T04N, R11E T04N, R15E T04N, R18E
T03N, R02W T03N, R01W T03N, R01E T03N, R05E T03N, R09E T03N, R12E T03N, R15E T03N, R17E T03N, R19E T03N, R22E
T02N, R03W T02N, R06E T02N, R07E T02N, R08E T02N, R09E T02N, R13E T02N, R15E T02N, R16E T02N, R19E T02N, R22E T02N, R23E
T01N, R08E T01N, R10E T01N, R11E T01N, R12E T01N, R13E T01N, R14E
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Wisconsin County Distribution Map  The small county map reflects information from Wisconsin Botanical Information System (including records with only county information) as well as the Wisconsin Floristic Atlas Project's hand maps. Therefore there might be county records (when available-) not reflected in the larger map.
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Map with Wisconsin County Names

Detailed Distribution Map Information
This map reflects the specimen location information from the Wisconsin Botanical Information System database and attemps to line up the original Town-Range Survey map from 1833 to 1866 with a computer generated table grid over the map of Wisconsin. Because the original Town Range lines are inexact, these "dots" might be somewhat skewed. Also townships near the borders of the state might only be partial, so the "dot" might center outside the state's boundry.

Holding the mouse over the "dot" identifies the Town-Range.
Clicking(new window) on the "dot" will link to a list of all specimen accession numbers for this location. You can then link to the individual specimen's label data.

Arrange this window side-by-side with the specimen-list window so you can easily go back and forth between this map and the specimen's data.

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