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Pinus strobus L.

This result should not be considered complete or definitive and is for reference only. Care must be taken when using any wild plant for food, fiber, medicine or any other non-traditional uses. The information was complied using multiple sources and these references should be consulted for more complete descriptions of usage(s) and potential health risk. We are not responsible for any ill effects from the information included on this page.

Uses Part Preparation Effect Notes
Utility  Fruit Cones
Sap or juice
Trunk or branch Wreaths, carving
Leaf Washed, soaked Weaving baskets
Root Lacing
Dried, stored Boiled with meat or fish
Sap or juice Pitch for canoe repair, soap
Trunk or branch Rotten wood like talcum powder, smoking hides, ricing boats, knots for lacrosse ball
Medicine  Bark tea Kidney
Leaf Dried Head/eyes Reviver, inhalant,
Leaf Crush or boil; apply to forehead Nerves Headache
Sap or juice Decoction Colds/sore throat/earache
Sap or juice Poultice Inflamation/swelling Sap
Trunk or branch Compound poultice Skin/sores/bleeding Young tree

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