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  Sanicula canadensis L. image
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Family Apiaceae
Sanicula canadensis L.
Canadian black snakeroot, Canadian sanicle
Sanicula: diminutive of the Latin word sanare meaning "to heal"
canadensis: of or referring to Canada
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Status: Native
Plant: erect, biennial, to 4 1/2' tall forb; slender, fibrous roots
Flower: white, 5-parted, sepals longer than the petals; inflorescence an irregular, compound umbel with 2-7 flowers per umbellet, female flowers stalked; blooms June-July
Fruit:rounded, dry, stalked, hooked bristles almost as long as the sepals, splitting into 2 seeds- fruit: seed:
Leaf:3-5 parted into palm-like shape; stalks getting shorter toward the top
Habitat: shade; woods

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Sanicula canadensis L. var. grandis Fernald

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