Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium

  Potamogeton confervoides Rchb. image
Photographer: Paul Skawinski           

Paul Skawinski

Robert W. Freckmann

Robert W. Freckmann
Family Potamogetonaceae
Potamogeton confervoides Rchb.
alga pondweed, algal-leaved pondweed, algae-like pondweed, Tuckerman's pondweed
Potamogeton: from Greek potamos, "a river," and geiton, "a neighbor," because of the habitat
confervoides: confertus for "dense;" oides for "like"
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Status: Threatened
Plant: perennial, submersed aquatic; stems slender, often branched, fan-like; long creeping rhizome
Flower: green-brown, small, stout stalk from main stem, from 2"-10" tall; inflorescence spike
Fruit:3-ridged, dry seed
Leaf:alternate, entire, 1 veined, fine; no floating leaves
Habitat: quiet, shallow soft water

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