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  Epilobium palustre L. image
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Family Onagraceae
Epilobium palustre L.
marsh willow-herb
Epilobium: from 2 Greek words epi, "upon," and lobos, "a pod or capsule," as the flower and capsule appear together, the corolla being borne on the end of the ovary
palustre: "of marshes"
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Status: Native
Plant: erect, perennial, 8"-40" tall forb; stems thin, either simple or branched; thin stolons ending in thickened turion
Flower: white to pink, 4-parted, 1/3"-1/2" wide, stigma not cut, petals notched; inflorescence a cluster (raceme) of stalked flowers from the upper leaf axils; blooms July-Aug.
Fruit:capsule, seeds with tufts of hair at the top
Leaf:mostly hairless on the top, narrow, lance-linear, often in-rolled backwards, mostly stalkless
Habitat: wet

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Epilobium lineare Muhl.
Epilobium oliganthum Michx.
Epilobium palustre L. var. grammadophyllum Hausskn.
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Epilobium palustre L. var. lapponicum Wahlenb.
Epilobium palustre L. var. longirameum Fernald & Wiegand
Epilobium palustre L. var. oliganthum (Michx.) Fernald
Epilobium pylaieanum Fernald
Epilobium wyomingense A.Nelson

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