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  Anemone caroliniana Walter image
Photographer: Kitty Kohout           

Botanical Illustration
Family Ranunculaceae
Anemone caroliniana Walter
Carolina anemone, prairie anemone
Anemone: an ancient Greek name from anemos, "wind"
caroliniana: from Carolinas
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Status: Endangered
Plant: erect, perennial, 4"-6" tall forb; root a small round tuber that has 1 to several succulent rhizomes
Flower: white to blue/pink, 10-20-parted, 1"-1 1/2" wide, petal-like sepals; 1 softly hairy, long stalk with a solitary flower; blooms April-May
Fruit:dry, very woolly seed
Leaf:basal leaves long-stalked, deeply, palmately-divided into 3 sharply toothed segments, and a whorl of 3 smaller stalkless leaves below the middle of the stem
Habitat: dry; prairies, barrens

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