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Collection Results: Town 28N Range 25E.
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Family Taxon Common NamePhotographs
Aceraceae Acer spicatum Lam. mountain maple Photograph of Acer spicatum Lam.
Alismataceae Sagittaria graminea Michx. subsp. graminea grass-leaved arrow-head, grass-leaved sagittaria Photograph of Sagittaria graminea Michx. subsp. graminea
Alismataceae Sagittaria latifolia Willd. broad-leaved arrow-head, common arrow-head, duck-potato, wapato Photograph of Sagittaria latifolia Willd.
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) J.D.Sauer rough-fruited amaranth, rough-fruited water-hemp, tall water-hemp Photograph of Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) J.D.Sauer
Araliaceae Aralia hispida Vent. bristly sarsaparilla Photograph of Aralia hispida Vent.
Aspleniaceae Asplenium rhizophyllum L. walking fern Photograph of Asplenium rhizophyllum L.
Asteraceae Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. annual bur-sage, common ragweed, short ragweed Photograph of Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.
Asteraceae Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. & Hook.f. pearly everlasting, western pearly everlasting Photograph of Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. & Hook.f.
Asteraceae Arctium minus Bernh. common burdock, lesser burdock Photograph of Arctium minus Bernh.
Asteraceae Aster lanceolatus Willd. eastern lined aster, panicled aster, white panicle aster Photograph of Aster lanceolatus Willd.
Asteraceae Aster lanceolatus Willd. var. lanceolatus eastern lined aster, marsh aster, panicled aster, white panicle aster Photograph of Aster lanceolatus Willd. var. lanceolatus
Asteraceae Aster lanceolatus Willd. X A. lateriflorus (L.) Britton NO Photograph available
Asteraceae Aster lanceolatus Willd. X A. pilosus Willd. NO Photograph available
Asteraceae Aster lanceolatus Willd. X A. puniceus L. NO Photograph available
Asteraceae Aster lanceolatus Willd. X A. sagittifolius Wedem. ex Willd. NO Photograph available
Asteraceae Bellis perennis L. English daisy, lawn daisy Photograph of Bellis perennis L.
Asteraceae Centaurea biebersteinii DC. spotted knapweed Photograph of Centaurea biebersteinii DC.
Asteraceae Cichorium intybus L. blue-sailors, chicory Photograph of Cichorium intybus L.
Asteraceae Helianthus decapetalus L. forest sunflower, pale sunflower, thin-leaved sunflower Photograph of Helianthus decapetalus L.
Asteraceae Helianthus strumosus L. pale-leaved woodland sunflower, rough-leaved sunflower Photograph of Helianthus strumosus L.
Asteraceae Hieracium aurantiacum L. devil's-paintbrush, grim-the-collier, orange hawkweed, red daisy Photograph of Hieracium aurantiacum L.
Asteraceae Senecio vulgaris L. common groundsel Photograph of Senecio vulgaris L.
Asteraceae Sonchus asper (L.) Hill prickly sow-thistle, spiny sow-thistle Photograph of Sonchus asper (L.) Hill
Asteraceae Tragopogon pratensis L. lesser goat's-beard, meadow salsify, showy goat's-beard, yellow goat's-beard Photograph of Tragopogon pratensis L.
Asteraceae Xanthium strumarium L. common cocklebur, rough cocklebur Photograph of Xanthium strumarium L.
Boraginaceae Cynoglossum boreale Fernald northern wild comfrey Photograph of Cynoglossum boreale Fernald
Boraginaceae Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill field forget-me-not, field scorpion-grass Photograph of Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill
Brassicaceae Alliaria petiolata (M.Bieb.) Cavara & Grande garlic mustard Photograph of Alliaria petiolata (M.Bieb.) Cavara & Grande
Brassicaceae Alyssum alyssoides (L.) L. pale alyssum, pale madwort, yellow alyssum Photograph of Alyssum alyssoides (L.) L.
Brassicaceae Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. shepherd's-purse Photograph of Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik.
Brassicaceae Erucastrum gallicum (Willd.) O.E.Schulz common dog-mustard, dog-mustard Photograph of Erucastrum gallicum (Willd.) O.E.Schulz
Brassicaceae Raphanus raphanistrum L. jointed charlock, white charlock, wild radish Photograph of Raphanus raphanistrum L.
Caprifoliaceae Diervilla lonicera Mill. northern bush-honeysuckle Photograph of Diervilla lonicera Mill.
Caprifoliaceae Linnaea borealis L. subsp. americana (Forbes) Hultén ex R.T.Clausen twinflower Photograph of Linnaea borealis L. subsp. americana (Forbes) Hultén ex R.T.Clausen
Caryophyllaceae Arenaria serpyllifolia L. var. serpyllifolia thyme-leaved sandwort Photograph of Arenaria serpyllifolia L. var. serpyllifolia
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodium capitatum (L.) Ambrosi var. capitatum blite goosefoot, Indian ink, Indian-paint, strawberry-blite, Photograph of Chenopodium capitatum (L.) Ambrosi var. capitatum
Chenopodiaceae Chenopodium glaucum L. var. glaucum oak-leaf goosefoot, oak-leaved goosefoot Photograph of Chenopodium glaucum L. var. glaucum
Cupressaceae Thuja occidentalis L. eastern arborvitae, northern white-cedar Photograph of Thuja occidentalis L.
Cyperaceae Carex bebbii (L.H.Bailey) Olney ex Fernald Bebb's oval sedge, Bebb's sedge Photograph of Carex bebbii (L.H.Bailey) Olney ex Fernald
Cyperaceae Carex cristatella Britton crested oval sedge, crested sedge Photograph of Carex cristatella Britton
Cyperaceae Carex eburnea Boott bristle-leaf sedge Photograph of Carex eburnea Boott
Cyperaceae Carex formosa Dewey awnless graceful sedge, handsome sedge Photograph of Carex formosa Dewey
Cyperaceae Carex laxiflora Lam. beach wood sedge, broad loose-flower sedge, wood sedge Photograph of Carex laxiflora Lam.
Cyperaceae Carex peckii Howe Peck's oak sedge, Peck's sedge Photograph of Carex peckii Howe
Cyperaceae Carex pedunculata Muhl. ex Willd. long-stalk sedge Photograph of Carex pedunculata Muhl. ex Willd.
Cyperaceae Carex platyphylla J.Carey broad-leaf sedge, broad-leaved sedge, broad-leaved wood sedge, thicket sedge Photograph of Carex platyphylla J.Carey
Cyperaceae Carex richardsonii R.Br. prairie hummock sedge, Richardson's sedge Photograph of Carex richardsonii R.Br.
Cyperaceae Eleocharis erythropoda Steud. bald spike-rush Photograph of Eleocharis erythropoda Steud.
Cyperaceae Scirpus atrovirens Willd. black bulrush, dark-green bulrush Photograph of Scirpus atrovirens Willd.
Dryopteridaceae Cystopteris bulbifera (L.) Bernh. bladder fern, bulblet bladder fern, bulblet fragile fern Photograph of Cystopteris bulbifera (L.) Bernh.
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