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Collection Results: Town 17N Range 11E.
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Family Taxon Common NamePhotographs
Liliaceae Aletris farinosa L. unicorn root, white colic-root, white stargrass Photograph of Aletris farinosa L.
Liliaceae Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) Coville common gold-star, common star-grass, yellow star-grass Photograph of Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) Coville
Lobeliaceae Lobelia siphilitica L. great blue lobelia Photograph of Lobelia siphilitica L.
Lobeliaceae Lobelia siphilitica L. var. siphilitica great blue lobelia Photograph of Lobelia siphilitica L. var. siphilitica
Lycopodiaceae Diphasiastrum digitatum (Dill. ex A.Braun) Holub crowfoot club-moss, southern ground-cedar, southern running-pine, trailing ground-pine Photograph of Diphasiastrum digitatum (Dill. ex A.Braun) Holub
Lycopodiaceae Lycopodium hickeyi W.H.Wagner, Beitel & R.C.Moran Hickey's club-moss, intermediate ground-pine Photograph of Lycopodium hickeyi W.H.Wagner, Beitel & R.C.Moran
Melastomataceae Rhexia virginica L. handsome-harry, Virginia meadow-beauty, wing-stem meadow-pitchers Photograph of Rhexia virginica L.
Monotropaceae Monotropa uniflora L. Indian-pipe Photograph of Monotropa uniflora L.
Oleaceae Fraxinus americana L. white ash Photograph of Fraxinus americana L.
Onagraceae Oenothera laciniata Hill subsp. laciniata cut-leaved evening-primrose, ragged evening-primrose Photograph of Oenothera laciniata Hill subsp. laciniata
Orchidaceae Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R.Br. downy rattlesnake-plantain Photograph of Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R.Br.
Orchidaceae Platanthera leucophaea (Nutt.) Lindl. eastern prairie fringed orchid, prairie white fringed orchid Photograph of Platanthera leucophaea (Nutt.) Lindl.
Pinaceae Larix laricina (Du Roi) K.Koch larch, tamarack Photograph of Larix laricina (Du Roi) K.Koch
Pinaceae Pinus banksiana Lamb. jack pine Photograph of Pinus banksiana Lamb.
Pinaceae Pinus resinosa Aiton Canadian pine, Norway pine, red pine Photograph of Pinus resinosa Aiton
Pinaceae Pinus strobus L. eastern white pine Photograph of Pinus strobus L.
Poaceae Aristida tuberculosa Nutt. beach three-awn, dune three-awn grass, seaside three-awn Photograph of Aristida tuberculosa Nutt.
Poaceae Bromus ciliatus L. fringed brome Photograph of Bromus ciliatus L.
Poaceae Dichanthelium meridionale (Ashe) Freckmann mat panic grass Photograph of Dichanthelium meridionale (Ashe) Freckmann
Poaceae Digitaria ischaemum (Schreb.) Muhl. smooth crabgrass Photograph of Digitaria ischaemum (Schreb.) Muhl.
Poaceae Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees var. pectinacea Carolina love grass, low love grass, small love grass, tufted love grass Photograph of Eragrostis pectinacea (Michx.) Nees var. pectinacea
Poaceae Glyceria striata (Lam.) Hitchc. fowl manna grass, fowl meadow grass Photograph of Glyceria striata (Lam.) Hitchc.
Poaceae Muhlenbergia uniflora (Muhl.) Fernald bog muhly, one-flowered satin grass Photograph of Muhlenbergia uniflora (Muhl.) Fernald
Poaceae Oryzopsis asperifolia Michx. rough-leaved rice grass Photograph of Oryzopsis asperifolia Michx.
Poaceae Panicum capillare L. subsp. capillare common witch grass, old-witch grass, witch grass Photograph of Panicum capillare L. subsp. capillare
Poaceae Poa palustris L. fowl meadow grass, marsh bluegrass Photograph of Poa palustris L.
Polypodiaceae Polypodium virginianum L. common polypody, rock-cap fern, rock polypody Photograph of Polypodium virginianum L.
Portulacaceae Phemeranthus rugospermus (Holz.) Kiger prairie fame-flower, rough-seeded fame-flower, sand fame-flower Photograph of Phemeranthus rugospermus (Holz.) Kiger
Primulaceae Lysimachia lanceolata Walter lance-leaved loosestrife Photograph of Lysimachia lanceolata Walter
Ranunculaceae Anemone quinquefolia L. var. quinquefolia nightcaps, wood anemone Photograph of Anemone quinquefolia L. var. quinquefolia
Ranunculaceae Aquilegia canadensis L. Canadian columbine, red columbine, wild columbine Photograph of Aquilegia canadensis L.
Ranunculaceae Caltha palustris L. cowslip, marsh-marigold, yellow marsh-marigold Photograph of Caltha palustris L.
Ranunculaceae Thalictrum dasycarpum Fisch. & Avé-Lall. purple meadow-rue, tall meadow-rue Photograph of Thalictrum dasycarpum Fisch. & Avé-Lall.
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus alnifolia L'Hér. alder buckthorn, alder-leaf buckthorn Photograph of Rhamnus alnifolia L'Hér.
Rosaceae Amelanchier arborea (F.Michx.) Fernald downy Juneberry, common serviceberry Photograph of Amelanchier arborea (F.Michx.) Fernald
Salicaceae Populus tremuloides Michx. aspen, quaking aspen Photograph of Populus tremuloides Michx.
Santalaceae Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. subsp. umbellata bastard-toadflax, false toadflax Photograph of Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. subsp. umbellata
Scrophulariaceae Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell purple false foxglove, smooth agalinis Photograph of Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell
Ulmaceae Ulmus americana L. American elm, white elm Photograph of Ulmus americana L.
Violaceae Viola affinis Leconte Le Conte's violet, sand violet Photograph of Viola affinis Leconte
Violaceae Viola sororia Willd. door-yard violet, common blue violet, hairy wood violet Photograph of Viola sororia Willd.
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