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Collection Results: Town 03N Range 13E.
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Family Taxon Common NamePhotographs
Aceraceae Acer negundo L. ash-leaved maple, box elder Photograph of Acer negundo L.
Apiaceae Anthriscus sylvestris (L.) Hoffm. wild chervil Photograph of Anthriscus sylvestris (L.) Hoffm.
Apiaceae Polytaenia nuttallii DC. Nuttall's prairie-parsley, prairie-parsley Photograph of Polytaenia nuttallii DC.
Apiaceae Taenidia integerrima (L.) Drude yellow-pimpernel Photograph of Taenidia integerrima (L.) Drude
Apocynaceae Apocynum sibiricum Jacq. clasping dogbane, Indian hemp Photograph of Apocynum sibiricum Jacq.
Asclepiadaceae Asclepias purpurascens L. purple milkweed Photograph of Asclepias purpurascens L.
Asteraceae Ambrosia trifida L. var. trifida giant ragweed, great ragweed, horse-cane Photograph of Ambrosia trifida L. var. trifida
Asteraceae Arnoglossum atriplicifolium (L.) H.Rob. pale Indian-plantain Photograph of Arnoglossum atriplicifolium (L.) H.Rob.
Asteraceae Aster drummondii Lindl. Drummond's aster, hairy heart-leaved aster Photograph of Aster drummondii Lindl.
Asteraceae Aster laevis L. var. laevis smooth aster, smooth blue aster Photograph of Aster laevis L. var. laevis
Asteraceae Aster oblongifolius Nutt. aromatic aster Photograph of Aster oblongifolius Nutt.
Asteraceae Aster pilosus Willd. awl aster, frost aster, hairy aster, white old-field aster Photograph of Aster pilosus Willd.
Asteraceae Aster pilosus Willd. var. pilosus awl aster, frost aster, hairy aster, white old-field aster NO Photograph available
Asteraceae Aster pilosus Willd. X A. sagittifolius Wedem. ex Willd. NO Photograph available
Asteraceae Aster sericeus Vent. silky aster, western silvery aster Photograph of Aster sericeus Vent.
Asteraceae Carduus nutans L. musk thistle, nodding plumeless thistle, nodding thistle Photograph of Carduus nutans L.
Asteraceae Cichorium intybus L. blue-sailors, chicory Photograph of Cichorium intybus L.
Asteraceae Cirsium discolor (Muhl. ex Willd.) Spreng. field thistle, pasture thistle, prairie thistle Photograph of Cirsium discolor (Muhl. ex Willd.) Spreng.
Asteraceae Cirsium hillii (Canby) Fernald Hill's thistle, hollow-rooted thistle, prairie thistle Photograph of Cirsium hillii (Canby) Fernald
Asteraceae Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt. pale purple coneflower, prairie coneflower Photograph of Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt.
Asteraceae Kuhnia eupatorioides L. var. corymbulosa Torr. & A.Gray false boneset Photograph of Kuhnia eupatorioides L. var. corymbulosa Torr. & A.Gray
Asteraceae Lactuca canadensis L. Canada lettuce, tall lettuce, tall wild lettuce, wild lettuce Photograph of Lactuca canadensis L.
Asteraceae Leucanthemum vulgare Lam. common daisy, field daisy, marguerite, ox-eye daisy Photograph of Leucanthemum vulgare Lam.
Asteraceae Liatris aspera Michx. lacerate blazing-star, rough blazing-star, tall gay-feather Photograph of Liatris aspera Michx.
Asteraceae Liatris cylindracea Michx. cylindrical blazing-star, few-headed blazing-star Photograph of Liatris cylindracea Michx.
Asteraceae Microseris cuspidata (Pursh) Sch.Bip. false dandelion, prairie dandelion, prairie false dandelion Photograph of Microseris cuspidata (Pursh) Sch.Bip.
Asteraceae Prenanthes aspera Michx. rough rattlesnake-root, rough white-lettuce Photograph of Prenanthes aspera Michx.
Asteraceae Prenanthes racemosa Michx. glaucous white-lettuce, purple rattlesnake-root Photograph of Prenanthes racemosa Michx.
Asteraceae Ratibida pinnata (Vent.) Barnhart globular coneflower, yellow coneflower Photograph of Ratibida pinnata (Vent.) Barnhart
Asteraceae Solidago rigida L. rigid goldenrod, stiff goldenrod Photograph of Solidago rigida L.
Asteraceae Solidago rigida L. subsp. rigida rigid goldenrod, stiff goldenrod Photograph of Solidago rigida L. subsp. rigida
Boraginaceae Onosmodium bejariense A.DC. marble-seed, smooth onosmodium, western false gromwell Photograph of Onosmodium bejariense A.DC.
Boraginaceae Onosmodium molle Michx. [Excluded] marble-seed, smooth onosmodium, western false gromwell Photograph of Onosmodium molle Michx.
Brassicaceae Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. hairy rock-cress Photograph of Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop.
Brassicaceae Arabis hirsuta (L.) Scop. var. adpressipilis (M.Hopkins) Rollins hairy rock-cress NO Photograph available
Caprifoliaceae Symphoricarpos occidentalis Hook. western snowberry, wolfberry Photograph of Symphoricarpos occidentalis Hook.
Commelinaceae Tradescantia ohiensis Raf. blue-jacket, common spiderwort, smooth spiderwort Photograph of Tradescantia ohiensis Raf.
Cyperaceae Carex meadii Dewey Mead's sedge, Mead's stiff sedge Photograph of Carex meadii Dewey
Cyperaceae Carex spicata Huds. spiked bracted sedge Photograph of Carex spicata Huds.
Cyperaceae Carex umbellata Schkuhr ex Willd. early oak sedge, hidden sedge, parasol sedge Photograph of Carex umbellata Schkuhr ex Willd.
Fabaceae Desmodium canadense (L.) DC. Canadian tick-trefoil, showy tick-trefoil Photograph of Desmodium canadense (L.) DC.
Fabaceae Lespedeza leptostachya Engelm. prairie bush-clover, prairie lespedeza Photograph of Lespedeza leptostachya Engelm.
Fabaceae Medicago lupulina L. black medick Photograph of Medicago lupulina L.
Fabaceae Tephrosia virginiana (L.) Pers. goat's-rue, rabbit-pea, Virginia tephrosia Photograph of Tephrosia virginiana (L.) Pers.
Gentianaceae Gentiana puberulenta J.S.Pringle downy gentian, prairie gentian Photograph of Gentiana puberulenta J.S.Pringle
Hydrophyllaceae Hydrophyllum virginianum L. John's-cabbage, Shawnee-salad, Virginia waterleaf Photograph of Hydrophyllum virginianum L.
Hypericaceae Hypericum punctatum Lam. spotted St. John's-wort Photograph of Hypericum punctatum Lam.
Iridaceae Sisyrinchium campestre E.P.Bicknell prairie blue-eyed-grass Photograph of Sisyrinchium campestre E.P.Bicknell
Liliaceae Zigadenus elegans Pursh subsp. glaucus (Nutt.) Hultén death camas, mountain death camas, white camas Photograph of Zigadenus elegans Pursh subsp. glaucus (Nutt.) Hultén
Onagraceae Gaura biennis L. biennial bee-blossom, biennial gaura Photograph of Gaura biennis L.
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