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Checklist from Wisconsin State Herbarium
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      Family Caryophyllaceae (click for list of genera only)  
            Minuartia dawsonensis (Britton) House * +
              northern rock sandwort, rock stitchwort
                 Alsinanthe stricta (Sw.) Rchb. subsp. dawsonensis (Britton) A.Löve & D.Löve
                 Arenaria dawsonensis Britton
                 Arenaria litorea Fernald
                 Arenaria stricta Michx. subsp. dawsonensis (Britton) Maguire
                 Arenaria stricta Michx. var. dawsonensis (Britton) Scoggan
                 Arenaria stricta Michx. var. litorea (Fernald) B.Boivin
                 Sabulina dawsonensis (Britton) Rydb.
Image of Minuartia dawsonensis (Britton) House
            Stellaria crassifolia Ehrh. * +
              fleshy stitchwort
Image of Stellaria crassifolia Ehrh.
            Stellaria graminea L. * +
              common stitchwort, grass-like starwort, starwort
                 Alsine graminea (L.) Britton
Image of Stellaria graminea L.
            Stellaria longifolia Muhl. ex Willd. * +
              long-leaved stitchwort
                 Stellaria atrata (J.W.Moore) B.Boivin
                 Stellaria longifolia Muhl. ex Willd. var. atrata J.W.Moore
                 Alsine longifolia (Muhl. ex Willd.) Britton
                 Stellaria longifolia Muhl. ex Willd. var. longifolia
Image of Stellaria longifolia Muhl. ex Willd.
            Stellaria longipes Goldie * +
              long-leaved starwort, long-stalked stitchwort
                 Alsine longipes (Goldie) Coville
Image of Stellaria longipes Goldie
            Stellaria palustris Retz. * +
              European chickweed, marsh stitchwort, meadow starwort
                 Alsine glauca (With.) Britton
                 Stellaria fennica auct. non (Murb.) Perfil.
                 Stellaria glauca With.
Image of Stellaria palustris Retz.

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