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Search Results:       Common Name: maple

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Checklist from Wisconsin State Herbarium
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      Family Aceraceae (click for list of genera only)  
            Acer L. *
            Acer X freemanii E.Murray * +
              Freeman's maple
                 (PARENTS = Acer rubrum L. X A. saccharinum L.)
                 Acer rubrum L. X A. saccharinum L.
Image of Acer X freemanii E.Murray
            Acer ginnala Maxim. * +
              Amur maple
                 Acer tataricum L. subsp. ginnala (Maxim.) Wesmael
Image of Acer ginnala Maxim.
            Acer negundo L. * +
              ash-leaved maple, box elder
                 (for list of synonyms - see the varieties)
Image of Acer negundo L.
            Acer negundo L. var. interius (Britton) Sarg. +
              ash-leaved maple, box elder
                 Acer interius Britton
                 Acer negundo L. subsp. interius (Britton) A.Löve & D.Löve
                 Negundo aceroides (L.) Moench subsp. interius (Britton) A.Löve & D.Löve
                 Negundo interius (Britton) Rydb.
            Acer nigrum F.Michx. * +
              black maple
                 Acer nigrum F.Michx. var. palmeri Sarg.
                 Acer saccharum Marshall subsp. nigrum (F.Michx.) Desmarais
                 Acer saccharum Marshall var. nigrum (F.Michx.) Britton
                 Acer saccharum Marshall var. viride (Schmidt) E.Murray
                 Saccharodendron nigrum (F.Michx.) Small
Image of Acer nigrum F.Michx.
            Acer pensylvanicum L. * +
              goosefoot maple, moosewood, striped maple
Image of Acer pensylvanicum L.
            Acer platanoides L. * +
              Norway maple
                 Acer platanoides L. var. schwedleri Nichols.
Image of Acer platanoides L.
            Acer rubrum L. var. rubrum * +
              red maple
                 Acer rubrum L. f. tomentosum (Desf.) Dans.
                 Acer rubrum L. var. tomentosum Tausch
                 Acer stenocarpum Britton
                 Rufacer rubrum (L.) Small
Image of Acer rubrum L. var. rubrum
            Acer saccharinum L. * +
              silver maple, soft maple
                 Acer dasycarpum Ehrh.
                 Acer saccharinum L. var. laciniatum Pax
                 Acer saccharinum L. var. wieri Rehder
                 Argentacer saccharinum (L.) Small
Image of Acer saccharinum L.
            Acer saccharum Marshall var. saccharum * +
              hard maple, sugar maple
                 Acer nigrum F.Michx. var. glaucum (F.Schmidt) Fosberg
                 Acer nigrum F.Michx. var. saccharophorum (K.Koch) R.T.Clausen
                 Acer saccharinum Wangenh. var. glaucum F.Schmidt
                 Acer saccharum Marshall f. glaucum (F.Schmidt) Pax
                 Acer saccharum Marshall subsp. saccharum
                 Acer saccharum Marshall var. glaucum (F.Schmidt) Sarg.
                 Acer saccharophorum K.Koch
                 Saccharodendron saccharum (Marshall) Moldenke
Image of Acer saccharum Marshall var. saccharum
            Acer saccharum Marshall var. schneckii Rehder
              [Excluded] hard maple, sugar maple
                 Acer saccharum Marshall f. schneckii (Rehder) Deam
                 Acer saccharum Marshall subsp. ozarkense E.Murray
                 Acer saccharum Marshall subsp. schneckii (Rehder) Desmarais
                 Acer saccharum Marshall var. rugellii (Pax) Rehder
            Acer spicatum Lam. * +
              mountain maple
Image of Acer spicatum Lam.
      Family Caprifoliaceae (click for list of genera only)  
            Viburnum acerifolium L. * +
              dockmackie, maple-leaved arrow-wood, maple-leaved viburnum
                 Viburnum acerifolium L. f. collinsii Rouleau
                 Viburnum acerifolium L. f. eburneum House
                 Viburnum acerifolium L. f. ovatum Rehder
                 Viburnum acerifolium L. var. acerifolium
Image of Viburnum acerifolium L.
      Family Chenopodiaceae (click for list of genera only)  
            Chenopodium simplex (Torr.) Raf. * +
              maple-leaved goosefoot
                 Chenopodium gigantospermum Aellen
                 Chenopodium hybridum auct. non L.
                 Chenopodium hybridum L. subsp. gigantospermum (Aellen) Hultén
                 Chenopodium hybridum L. var. gigantospermum (Aellen) Rouleau
                 Chenopodium hybridum L. var. simplex Torr.
Image of Chenopodium simplex (Torr.) Raf.

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