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Search Results:       Common Name: gentian

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Checklist from Wisconsin State Herbarium
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      Family Caprifoliaceae (click for list of genera only)  
            Triosteum L. *
              feverwort, horse-gentian (DISTRIBUTION MAP GALLERY of SPECIES)
            Triosteum aurantiacum E.P.Bicknell * +
              early horse-gentian, orange-fruit horse-gentian
                 (for list of synonyms - see the varieties)
Image of Triosteum aurantiacum E.P.Bicknell
            Triosteum aurantiacum E.P.Bicknell var. aurantiacum +
              early horse-gentian, orange-fruit horse-gentian
                 Triosteum aurantiacum E.P.Bicknell f. glaucescens (Wiegand) F.C.Lane
                 Triosteum aurantiacum E.P.Bicknell var. glaucescens Wiegand
                 Triosteum perfoliatum L. var. aurantiacum (E.P.Bicknell) Wiegand
            Triosteum aurantiacum E.P.Bicknell var. illinoense (Wiegand) E.J.Palmer & Steyerm. +
              Illinois horse-gentian, orange-fruit horse-gentian
                 Triosteum illinoense (Wiegand) Rydb.
                 Triosteum illinoense (Wiegand) Rydb. f. glabrescens F.C.Lane
                 Triosteum perfoliatum L. var. illinoense Wiegand
            Triosteum perfoliatum L. * +
              feverwort, late horse-gentian, tinker's-weed, wild-coffee
                 Triosteum perfoliatum L. var. perfoliatum
Image of Triosteum perfoliatum L.
      Family Gentianaceae (click for list of genera only)  
            Gentiana L. *
              gentian (DISTRIBUTION MAP GALLERY of SPECIES)
            Gentiana alba Muhl. ex Nutt. * +
              cream gentian, pale gentian, yellow gentian
                 Gentiana flavida A.Gray
Image of Gentiana alba Muhl. ex Nutt.
            Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. var. andrewsii * +
              Andrews' gentian, bottle gentian, prairie closed gentian
                 Dasystephana andrewsii (Griseb.) Small
                 Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. f. albiflora Britton
                 Pneumonanthe andrewsii (Griseb.) W.A.Weber
Image of Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. var. andrewsii
            Gentiana X billingtonii Farw. (pro sp.) +
              Billington's gentian
                 (PARENTS = Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. X G. puberulenta J.S.Pringle)
            Gentiana X curtisii J.S.Pringle +
              Curtis' gentian
                 (PARENTS = Gentiana alba Muhl. ex Nutt. X G. puberulenta J.S.Pringle)
            Gentiana X grandilacustris J.S.Pringle +
              Grand Lake gentian
                 (PARENTS = Gentiana andrewsii Griseb. X G. rubricaulis Schwein.)
            Gentiana X pallidocyanea J.S.Pringle +
                 (PARENTS = Gentiana alba Muhl. ex Nutt. X G. andrewsii Griseb.)
            Gentiana puberulenta J.S.Pringle * +
              downy gentian, prairie gentian
                 Gentiana puberula auct. non Michx.
Image of Gentiana puberulenta J.S.Pringle
            Gentiana rubricaulis Schwein. * +
              closed gentian, Great Lakes gentian, red-stemmed gentian
                 Dasystephana grayi (Kusn.) Britton
                 Gentiana linearis Froel. subsp. rubricaulis (Schwein.) J.M.Gillett
                 Gentiana linearis Froel. var. lanceolata A.Gray
                 Gentiana linearis Froel. var. latifolia A.Gray
                 Gentiana linearis Froel. var. rubricaulis (Schwein.) MacMill.
Image of Gentiana rubricaulis Schwein.
            Gentiana saponaria L. *
              [Excluded] harvest-bells, soapwort gentian
Image of Gentiana saponaria L.
            Gentiana septemfida Pall. *
              [Excluded] crested gentian
Image of Gentiana septemfida Pall.
            Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small subsp. occidentalis (A.Gray) J.M.Gillett * +
              ague-weed, stiff gentian
                 Amarella occidentalis (A.Gray) Greene
                 Gentianella occidentalis (A.Gray) Small
                 Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small var. occidentalis (A.Gray) Small
                 Gentiana quinqueflora Lam. var. occidentalis A.Gray
                 Gentiana quinquefolia L. var. occidentalis (A.Gray) Hitchc.
Image of Gentianella quinquefolia (L.) Small subsp. occidentalis (A.Gray) J.M.Gillett
            Gentianopsis Ma *
              fringed gentian (DISTRIBUTION MAP GALLERY of SPECIES)
            Gentianopsis crinita (Froel.) Ma * +
              fringed gentian, greater fringed gentian
                 Anthopogon crinitum (Froel.) Raf.
                 Gentiana crinita Froel.
                 Gentianella crinita (Froel.) G.Don
                 Gentianella crinita (Froel.) G.Don subsp. crinita
                 Gentianella crinita (Froel.) G.Don subsp. nevadensis (Gilg) Weaver & Rüdenberg
                 Gentiana nevadensis Gilg
                 Gentiana ventricosa Griseb.
Image of Gentianopsis crinita (Froel.) Ma
            Gentianopsis procera (Holm) Ma * +
              Great Plains fringed gentian, lesser fringed gentian, small fringed gentian
                 Anthopogon virgatum Raf.
                 Gentiana barbata Froel. var. browniana Hook.
                 Gentianella crinita (Froel.) G.Don subsp. procera (Holm) J.M.Gillett
                 Gentiana crinita Froel. var. browniana (Hook.) B.Boivin
                 Gentiana procera Holm
                 Gentianella procera (Holm) Hiitonen
                 Gentianopsis virgata (Raf.) Holub
Image of Gentianopsis procera (Holm) Ma
            Halenia deflexa (Sm.) Griseb. subsp. deflexa * +
              American spurred-gentian, spurred-gentian
                 Halenia deflexa (Sm.) Griseb. var. deflexa
                 Swertia deflexa Sm.
Image of Halenia deflexa (Sm.) Griseb. subsp. deflexa

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