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  Hieracium scabrum Michx. image
Photographer: Steve C. Garske           

Steve C. Garske

Steve C. Garske
Family Asteraceae
Hieracium scabrum Michx.
rough hawkweed, sticky hawkweed
Hieracium: classical name hierakion from ancient Greek hierax, "a hawk". The Roman naturalist Pliny believed that hawks fed on this plant to strengthen their eyesight and thus it became the Greek and Latin name for this and similar plants, called hawkweed.
scabrum: rough
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Status: Native
Plant: perennial forb with milky juice; stems leafy, mostly single, stout, smooth or with a very short bristly hairs mostly near the top; roots not forming mat
Flower: head 1/2"-1" wide with yellow rays; inflorescence of several, long-stalked heads in open, long, cylindrical clusters; blooms July-Sept.
Leaf:stalked, widely elliptical near the bottom, becoming smaller and stalkless toward the top, both sides bristly
Habitat: dry; woods, clearings; in sandy soil

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Hieracium scabrum Michx. var. scabrum
Hieracium scabrum Michx. var. tonsum Fernald & H.St.John

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