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Wisconsin Links 

University of Stevens Point

Department of Biology

University of Wisconsin- Botany Depts.
Green Bay
    Weed Identification
University System campuses
State of Wisconsin
Bureau of Endangered Resources
Department of Natural Resources
Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records: Original Field Notes

Other Wisconsin Area Links

Keys to WI Gymnosperms, Ferns, and Ferns Allies
The Nature Conservancy
The Prairie Enthusiasts
Milwaukee Public Museum
Wisconsin Natural Resource magazine
Wisconsin Wetlands Association
The Blue Mounds Project
Botanical Club of Wisconsin
Invasive Plant Association of Wisconsin
Driftless Land Stewardship
Josha Mayer - Wisconsin Photography Collection
The Kickapoo Valley Assoc.
University of Wisconsin - Whitewater -Prairie Progress site
Samuel Thayer - Forager's Harvest
Plants To Grow
American Society of Plant Taxonomists on Facebook and Twitter
Madison Audubon Society
Keys to the Orchids of the Chicago Region

Other Botanical Links


Federal Government
Fish and Wildlife
  Celebrating Wildflowers
USDA Plants Database

States/Provinces Links

Arkansas -Introduction to Botany, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Splash -Sacramento CA (wetland plants for kids)
Chicago's Field Museum's Keys to Natures
Delaware Wildflowers
Gallery of Illinois Plants; Ill. Natural History Survey
Illinois Wildflowers
vPlants- Virtual Herbarium of the Chicago Region -Field Museum of Natural History
Grasses of Iowa
Iowa Prairie Network
Michigan Flora Home
University of Michigan Herbarium
Identifying Michigan Trees (includes many Wisconsin species)
Michigan Natural Features Inventory
University of Minnesota Herbarium (includes grass and sedge keys)
Minnesota Wildflowers: A Project for Justice
Minnesota DNR- Watch the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid Grow
Montana Invaders
New England Checklist
New Jersey Pine Barrens
Ohio State Univ. Extension
Colin's Virtual Herbarium - Saskatchewan, Canada
Tennessee Herbarium
Texas - checklist 
Washington State, Dept. of Ecology
WTU Image Collection: Plants of Washington - Washington State University

Climbers - Censuring Lianas in Mesic Biomes of Eastern Regions
Botanical Word Meanings and Name Derivations
Rare Botanical Book scans including several antique drawing- MO Botanical Gardens
NatureServe (search by location -Wisconsin and vascular plants)
Missouri Botanical Garden
Flora of North America
The Nature Conservancy
Biota of North America
Keir's Botanical Photo Archive
World Wide Flowering Plant Family Identification (key of families)
Den Virtuella Floran (In Swedish- search by taxon - pictures, global maps, etc)
Guide to Economic Botany Links -(web resource for ethnobotany)
Orchid Conservation Coalition
Purple Sage - Ethnobotanical information
Flora.cyberia - European Flora
Kurt Stüber's Online Library (Antique Botanical Prints and photographs)
Forestry Education Resources
Elizabeth Gamble Gardens
Frosch's Cypripedium Infos.
Glossary of Botanical Terms
Plant Biographies - descriptions, history, ethnobotanical information

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Book We Recommend
Historical Botanists
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Botanical Club of Wisconsin (off site)
UW-Stevens Point Biology Dept.
Plants of Wisconsin
Vascular Plants
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Lichens (off site)   
Tom Volk's Fungi (off site)
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