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Some of Wisconsin's Historical Botanists

Norman Carter Fassett
Norman Carter Fassett 1900-1954

Norman C. Fasset was a pytogeographer, taxonomist, teacher, and conservationist and a pioneer in preserving habitat of the rich and diverse flora of Wisconsin

He authored many books on Wisconsin flora including: 
Spring Flora of Wisconsin.- A Manual of Plants Growing without Cultivation and Flowering Before June 15
A Manual of Aquatic Plants
Grasses of Wisconsin -The Taxonomy, Ecology, and Distribution of the Gramineae Growing in the State without Cultivation

He was curator of the UW-Madison's herbarium from 1937-1954.


Levi M. Umbach Levi M. Umbach  1853-1918

Professor of physical and biological science, Northwestern College, Naperville, Illinois; an avid collector in the vicinity of that town, in Montana, Michigan, Ontario, and especially in the dune area of Northern Indiana and Illinois, in vast numbers and huge sets. His private herbarium, numbering some 50,000 mounted sheets by many collectors, and an equal or larger number of unmounted duplicates, was purchased in 1927, through efforts of Drs. Fassett and Davis, for the University of Wisconsin - Madison Herbarium.


Lellan Schwartz Cheney Lellan Schwartz Cheney 1858-1938

Better known on his labels as L.S. Cheney, he was an enthusiastic collector of the Wisconsin River Valley and Lake Superior shores. He paddled around the state in a canoe while making  extensive collections of Wiscosin's flora. He was in charge of the herbarium from 1891-1903 

John Jefferson Davis John Jefferson Davis 1852-1937

J.J. Davis was an authority on parasitic fungi and vascular flora of Wisconsin. He was the curator of the  University of Wisconsin - Madison Herbarium from 1911-1937. For several years he was a medical doctor, especially in Racine, Wisconsin.

Increase Allen Lapham Increase Allen Lapham 1811 - 1875

I.A. Lapham was one of  the earliest collectors of Wisconsin plants especially from the Milwaukee area. He was also widely known as an author and naturalists. His plant collections now reside at the University of Wisconsin - Madison

Huron H. Smith (1883-1933) was the first official curator of the division of botany of the Milwaukee Public Museum (1917). Among his writing were several texts on the ethnobotanical use of plants by Wisconsin Native Americans. (Photograph
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