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Township ##N: (01-53) Range ##{E,W}: (20W-30E) Section ##: (01-36)

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Accession: Prefix required:  UWSP -Stevens Point, uwpl - Platteville, SUWS - Superior. IE UWSP12345 

Notes on Searching:
  • Searches are from UW-Stevens Point (UWSP), UW-Superior (SUWS), and UW-Platteville (uwpl) herbaria specimens records entered to date.
  • Searches are not case sensitive
  • Searches for Scientific Name, Genus, Species and Collector are wildcarded at the END only. For example, typing "er" in the Genus field will result in a query which will select only genera starting with er -Erigeron, and not genera ending with er ---Aster. Collector's name format is Last, First M. or Last, F.M. - it is wildcarded at the end so "Last, First", "Last, F (note no period)", and "Last" yield the same results 
  • Searches for Location Name are wildcarded at BOTH ends.
  • Data for Wisconsin or Federal rare plant specimens will not be returned if location information is requested below County level.
  • Location Name and TRS are combined into one criterium as (Location Name OR (Township AND Range AND Section))
  • All criteria are combined with "AND"  so the more fields used the narrower the search
  • The simpler the Collector and Place Names the broader the search. This allows for differences in spellings, abbreviations, spacing, etc.
  • Use " subsp.", " var." , "  f.",  and " X " (hybrid)  in Scientific Name search -without authors.
  • Township, Range, and Section MUST follow the formats given (note leading zeros)
  • Accession MUST be preceded with the institution acronym followed immediately by the number. It is wildcarded at the end. Use UWSP - Stevens Point, uwpl - Platteville, and SUWS - Superior. It is not case sensitive.
  • To check nomenclature, refer to Vascular Plants name search. 


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