Robert W. Freckmann Herbarium






Genera are arranged alphabetically within tribes.

Taxa enclosed in square brackets are not included in the flora of Wisconsin.



Tribe 1.  CARDUEAE (CYNAREAE) - thistle tribe



A. (Centaurea) repens - Russian knapweed


ARCTIUM - burdock

A. Lappa - great burdock

A. minus - common burdock

A. tomentosum - hairy burdock, cotton burdock


CARDUUS - plumeless thistle

C. acanthoides - plumeless thistle

C. nutans - nodding thistle


CENTAUREA - star-thistle, batchelor's button

C. (Cnicus) benedicta - blessed thistle

C. Cyanus - bachelor's-button, cornflower

[C. diffusa - white knapweed.  Extremely rare adventive.]

C. Jacea - brown knapweed

C. nigra - black knapweed

C. nigrescens - short-fringed knapweed

C. macrocephala - big-head knapweed

C. melitensis - Maltese star-thistle

C. HMonctonii (C. Debauxii) - meadow knapweed

C. montana - mountain bluet

C. Scabiosa - hard-heads

C. solstitialis - yellow star-thistle, St. Barnaby's thistle

C. Stoebe subsp. micranthos (C. maculosa, C. Biebersteinii) - spotted knapweed


CIRSIUM - thistle

C. altissimum - wood thistle

C. arvense - Canada thistle

C. discolor - prairie thistle

C. Flodmanii - Flodman's thistle

C. muticum - swamp thistle

C. palustre - European swamp thistle

C. Pitcheri - dune thistle

C. pumilum var. Hillii (C. Hillii) - Hill's thistle

C. undulatum - wavy-leaved thistle

C. vulgare - bull thistle


ECHINOPS - globe-thistle

E. sphaerocephalus - great globe-thistle


ONOPORDUM - cotton or Scotch thistle

O. Acanthium - Scotch thistle



P. (Centaurea) americanus - basketflower



Tribe 2.  CICHORIEAE (LACTUCEAE) - chicory (lettuce) tribe


CICHORIUM - chicory

C. Intybus - chicory, blue sailors


CREPIS - hawk's-beard

C. capillaris - smooth hawk's-beard

[C. foetida - stinking hawk's-beard.  Very rare waif.]

C. setosa - bristly hawk's-beard

C. tectorum - narrow-leaved hawk's-beard


HIERACIUM - hawkweed

H. aurantiacum - orange hawkweed, devil's paintbrush

H. caespitosum (H. pratense) - yellow king-devil

H. Lachenallii (H. vulgatum) - European hawkweed

H. longipilum - long-haired or prairie hawkweed

[H. murorum - wall hawkweed.  Not noted for WI & MN in FNA (2006).]

H. Pilosella - mouse-ear hawkweed

H. piloselloides (H. florentinum) - glaucous king-devil

H. scabrum - sticky hawkweed

H. umbellatum (H. Kalmii, H. scabriusculum) - northern hawkweed


HYPOCHAERIS - cat's-ear

H. radicata - spotted cat's-ear


KRIGIA - dwarf-dandelion

K. biflora - orange dwarf-dandelion

K. virginica - Virginia dwarf-dandelion


LACTUCA - lettuce

L. biennis - woodland or tall blue lettuce

L. canadensis - tall wild lettuce

L. floridana - woodland or blue lettuce

L. ludoviciana - prairie lettuce

L. serriola - prickly lettuce


LAPSANA - nipplewort

L. communis - nipplewort


LEONTODON - hawkbit

L. autumnalis - fall-dandelion

L. taraxicoides subsp. saxatilis (L. taraxicoides) - little hawk's-bit



M. (Lactuca) pulchellum (L. tatarica subsp. pulchella) - showy blue lettuce



N. (Microseris) cuspidata - prairie or false dandelion


PRENANTHES - white-lettuce

P. alba - white-lettuce, rattlesnake root, lion's foot

P. aspera - rough white-lettuce

P. crepidinea - Midwestern white-lettuce

P. racemosa - glaucous white-lettuce


SONCHUS - sow-thistle

S. arvensis

subsp. arvensis - perennial sow-thistle

subsp. uliginosus (var. glabrescens) - marsh sow-thistle

S. asper - prickly sow-thistle

S. oleraceus - common sow-thistle


TARAXACUM - dandelion

T. erythrospermum (T. laevigatum) - red-seeded dandelion

T. officinale - common dandelion


TRAGOPOGON - goat's-beard

T. dubius - fistulose goat's-beard

T. porrifolius - salsify, vegetable-oyster

T. pratensis - showy goat's-beard



Tribe 3.  VERNONIEAE - ironweed tribe


VERNONIA - ironweed

V. fasciculata - smooth ironweed



Tribe 4.  INULEAE - elecampane tribe



I. Helenium - elecampane



Tribe 5.  GNAPHALIEAE - pussy's-toes tribe


ANTENNARIA - pussy's-toes, everlasting, ladies'-tobacco

A. Howellii

subsp. canadensis

subsp. neodioica

subsp. petaloidea

A. neglecta

A. Parlinii - Parlin's pussy's-toes

subsp. fallax (A. munda)

subsp. Parlinii

A. plantaginifolia - plantain-leaved pussy's-toes


ANAPHALIS - everlasting

A. margaritacea - pearly everlasting


GNAPHALIUM - marsh cudweed

G. (Fillaginella) uliginosum - marsh cudweed


PSEUDOGNAPHALIUM - cudweed, everlasting

Ps. (Gnaphalium) Macounii - western or clammy cudweed

Ps. microdenium (Gnaphalium Helleri var. microdenium) - delicate cudweed

Ps. (Gnaphalium) obtusifolium - fragrant cudweed

Ps. (Gnaphalium) saxicola - cliff cudweed


OMALOTHECA - Arctic-cudweed

O. (Gnaphalium) sylvatica - woodland Arctic-cudweed



Tribe 6.  ASTEREAE - aster tribe



B. perennis - English daisy



B. asteroides var. recognita - false aster



[Callistephus chinensis - China aster.  Garden escape; not in FNA (2006).]



C. canadensis - horse-weed

C. ramosissima - dwarf fleabane


DOELLINGERIA - aster  ["ASTER" key]

D. umbellata

var. umbellata - tall flat-topped white aster

var. pubens (Aster pubentior) - northwestern flat-topped white aster


EURYBIA - aster  ["ASTER" key]

E. furcata - midwestern white heart-leaved aster

E .macrophylla - big-leaved aster


ERIGERON - fleabane

E. annuus - annual fleabane

E. glabellus - stream-side fleabane

E. pulchellus var. pulchellus - Robin's plantain

E. philadelphicus - common fleabane

E. strigosus vars. septentrionalis & strigosus - prairie or daisy fleabane


EUTHAMIA - flat-topped goldenrod

E. caroliniana (E. tenuifolia) - coastal plain flat-topped goldenrod

E. graminifolia - grass-leaved or common flat-topped goldenrod

E. gymnospermoides - Great Plains flat‑topped goldenrod


GRINDELIA - gumweed

G. lanceolata - spiny-tooth gumweed

G. squarrosa - curly-cup gumweed



H. villosa - hairy golden aster

var. Ballardii

var. minor

var. villosa


IONACTIS - aster  ["ASTER" key]

I. linariifolia - flax-leaved aster


SOLIDAGO - goldenrod

S. altissima - Canada goldenrod

S. bicolor - white goldenrod

S. caesia - axillary or blue-stemmed goldenrod

S. canadensis - Canada goldenrod

var. canadensis

var. Hargeri

S. flexicaulis - broad-leaved or zigzag goldenrod

S. gigantea - smooth goldenrod

S. hispida - hairy goldenrod

S. juncea - early goldenrod

S. nemoralis - gray or old-field goldenrod

var. nemoralis

var. decemflora

S. missouriensis - Missouri goldenrod

S. mollis - velvety goldenrod

S. ohioensis - Ohio goldenrod

S. patula var. patula - rough-leaved or swamp goldenrod

S. (Aster) ptarmicoides (S. asteroides) - upland white aster or goldenrod

S. Riddellii - Riddell's goldenrod

S. rigida subsp. rigida & humilis - stiff goldenrod

S. rugosa - wrinkle-leaved goldenrod

S. sciaphila - cliff goldenrod

S. simplex [subsp. Randii] var. Gillmanii - dune goldenrod

S. speciosa - showy goldenrod

var. speciosa

var. rigidiuscula

S. uliginosa - northern bog goldenrod

S. ulmifolia var. ulmifolia - elm-leaved goldenrod



S. boreale - rush or northern bog aster

S. ciliatum (Aster Brachyactis) - alkali rayless aster

S. ciliolatum - northern heart-leaved aster

S. cordifolium - common blue arrow-leaved aster

S. Drummondii - hairy arrow-leaved aster

S. dumosum complex ("var. strictior") - long-stalked aster

S. ericoides var. ericoides

S. falcatum var. commutatum - white prairie aster

S. firmum - shining aster

S. laeve - smooth blue aster

S. laeve var. laeve - smooth blue aster

S. lanceolatum

var. hesperium (S. hesperium) - western lined aster

var. hirsuticaule - panicled or eastern lined aster

var. interior - inland panicled aster

var. lanceolatum - panicled or eastern lined aster

var. latifolium - panicled or eastern lined aster

S. lateriflorum - starved, calico, white woodland or side-flowering aster

S. novae-angliae - New England aster

S. oblongifolium - aromatic aster

S. ontarionis  [sic] - bottomland or Ontario aster

S. oolentangiense (Aster azureus) - prairie heart-leaved aster

S. pilosum - awl aster

var. pilosum

var. Pringlei

S. praealtum - willow-leaved aster

S. prenanthoides - zigzag aster

S. puniceum - bristly or swamp aster

S. racemosum (S. fragilis) - brittle aster

S .Robynsianum (Aster longifolius) - long-leaved blue aster

S. Shortii - midwestern blue heart-leaved aster

S. sericeum - silky aster

S. urophyllum (Aster sagittifolius) - arrow-leaved aster



Tribe 7.  ANTHEMIDEAE - chamomile tribe


ACHILLEA - yarrow

A. Millefolium - common yarrow, milfoil

subsp. Millefolium

subsp. lanulosa

A. Ptarmica - sneezeweed


ANTHEMIS - chamomile, dog-fennel

A. arvensis - corn chamomile

A. Cotula - dog-fennel, stinking camomile


ARTEMISIA - wormwood

A. Abrotanum - southernwood

A. Absinthium - common wormwood, absinthe sage-wort

A. annua - annual wormwood or sage-wort

A. biennis - biennial wormwood or sage-wort.

A. campestris subsp. caudata - field wormwood or sage-wort, beach wormwood

A. Dracunculus - tarragon, estragon

A. frigida - prairie sage-wort

A. ludoviciana subsp. ludoviciana - white sage, western mugwort

A. pontica - Roman wormwood

A. serrata - saw-tooth wormwood

A. Stelleriana - beach wormwood, dusty miller

A. vulgaris - mugwort, common wormwood


COTA - marguerite

C. (Anthemis) tinctoria - golden marguerite, yellow chamomile



L. (Chrysanthemum) serotina - giant daisy



L. vulgare (C. Leucanthemum) - common or ox-eye daisy


MATRICARIA - wild chamomile

M. discoidea (M. matricarioides) - pineapple-weed

M. Chamomilla (M. recutita) - sweet false camomile


TANACETUM - tansy   [ACHRYSANTHEMUM" key p.p.]

T. (Chrysanthemum) Balsamita (Balsamita major) - costmary, mint-geranium

T. bipinnatum subsp. huronense - eastern or Lake Huron tansy

T. (Chrysanthemum) Parthenium - feverfew

T. vulgare - common tansy, golden-buttons



T. (Matricaria) maritimum - scentless camomile



Tribe 8.  SENECIONEAE - groundsel tribe


ARNOGLOSSUM - Indian-plantain

A. atriplicifolium - pale Indian-plantain

A. plantagineum - prairie or tuberous Indian-plantain

A. reniforme - great Indian‑plantain


ERECHTITES - fireweed

E. hieraciifolius - fireweed


HASTEOLA - Indian-plantain

H. suaveolens - sweet or hastate Indian-plantain


PACKERA - ragwort

P. aurea - golden ragwort

P. indecora - northern squaw-weed, rayless ragwort

P. paupercula - northern ragwort

"Northern tetraploid complex

var. paupercula

var. pseudotomentosa

var. savannarum

P. paupercula var. savannarum + P. plattensis?

P. plattensis - prairie ragwort

P. pseudaurea var. semicordata (P. semicordata) - heart-leaved ragwort


SENECIO - groundsel

 S. sylvaticus - woodland groundsel

 S. viscosus - sticky groundsel

 S. vulgaris - common groundsel


PETASITES - sweet-coltsfoot

P. frigidus var. palmatus - northern sweet-coltsfoot

P. sagittatus (P. frigidus var. sagittatus) - arrowhead sweet-coltsfoot



T. congestus - marsh-fleabane, northern swamp groundsel


TUSSILAGO - coltsfoot

T. Farfara - coltsfoot



Tribe 9.  HELENIEAE - sneezeweed tribe


HELENIUM - sneezeweed

H. amarum var. amarum - bitter-weed, narrow-leaved sneezeweed

H. autumnale L. - common sneezeweed

H. flexuosum - purple-head or southern sneezeweed


GAILLARDIA - blanket-flower

G. aristata - common blanket-flower




Tribe 10.  HELIANTHEAE (s.l.) - sunflower tribe


BIDENS - beggar-ticks, stick‑tight

B. aristosa - mid-western tickseed-sunflower

B. (Megalodonta) Beckii - water beggar-ticks or water-marigold

B. cernua - nodding beggar-ticks or bur-marigold

B. connata - purple-stem beggar-ticks or tickseed

B. discoidea - few-bracted or swamp beggar-ticks

B. frondosa - devil's or common beggar-ticks

[B. pilosa - Spanish needles.  Rare waif.  Not in FNA (2006).]

B. trichosperma (B. coronata) - northern tick-seed sunflower, tall swamp-marigold

B. tripartita (B. comosa) - straw-stem beggar-ticks, swamp-marigold

B. vulgata - tall beggar-ticks


COREOPSIS - coreopsis, tickseed

C. grandiflora - big- or large-flowered tickseed

C. lanceolata - long-stalk or sand tickseed

C. palmata - finger or prairie tickseed

C. tinctoria - plains or golden tickseed


COSMOS - cosmos

C. bipinnatus - common garden cosmos


DYSSODIA - fetid marigold

D. papposa - stinking or fetid marigold


ECHINACEA - coneflower

E. pallida - prairie or pale purple coneflower

E. purpurea - prairie or pale purple coneflower



E. prostrata (E. alba) - yerba‑de‑tajo


GALINSOGA - quickweed

G. parviflora - lesser quickweed

G. quadriradiata (G. ciliata) - common quickweed



[G. abyssinica - niger-seed.  Very rare waif, presumably from bird seed.]


HELIANTHUS - sunflower

H. annuus - common sunflower

H. decapetalus - forest or pale sunflower

H. divaricatus - woodland sunflower

H. giganteus - swamp or giant sunflower

H. grosseserratus - saw-tooth sunflower

H. hirsutus - hairy sunflower

H. Hlaetiflorus (H. pauciflorus H. tuberosus) - cheerful sunflower

H. Maximilianii - Maximillian's sunflower

H. mollis - ashy or downy sunflower

H. occidentalis var. occidentalis - naked-stemmed or western sunflower

H. pauciflorus (H. rigidus) - stiff sunflower

var. pauciflorus

var. subrhomboidius

H. petiolaris subsp. petiolaris - plains sunflower

[H. salicifolius - willow-leaved sunflower.  Very rare waif.]

H. strumosus - rough-leaved sunflower

H. tuberosus - Jerusalem-artichoke


HELIOPSIS - ox‑eye

H. helianthoides - false sunflower, ox‑eye

var. helianthoides

var. scabra


MADIA - tarweed

M. glomerata - mountain or stinking tarweed



P. integrifolium - wild‑quinine, eastern feverfew


POLYMNIA - leaf-cup

P. canadensis - pale-flowered leaf-cup


RATIBIDA - prairie coneflower

R. columnifera - columnar or long-headed coneflower

R. pinnata - globular or yellow coneflower


RUDBECKIA - black‑eyed susan, coneflower

R. fulgida var. speciosa - showy coneflower

R. hirta var. pulcherrima - black-eyed Susan

R. laciniata var. laciniata - cutleaf coneflower, wild golden glow

R. triloba - brown-eyed Susan

R. subtomentosa - sweet coneflower or black-eyed Susan


SILPHIUM - rosinweed

S. integrifolium var. integrifolium - prairie rosin-weed

S. laciniatum - compass-plant

S. perfoliatum var. perfoliatum - cup-plant

S. terebinthinaceum var. terebinthinaceum - prairie-dock


TAGETES - marigold

T. patula - French marigold



V. alternifolia - wing-stem



Tribe 10a.  HELIANTHEAE (s.l.) subtribe  AMBROSIINAE


AMBROSIA - ragweed

A. artemisiifolia - common ragweed

A. psilostachya - western or perennial ragweed

A. tomentosa (Franseria discolor) - skeleton-leaf bur-sage

A. trifida - giant ragweed


IVA - marsh‑elder

I. annua - rough marsh-elder

I. axillaris - poverty-weed

I. (Cyclachaena) xanthifolia - big marsh-elder


XANTHIUM - cocklebur

X. spinosum - spiny cocklebur

X. strumarium - common cocklebur



Tribe 10b.  HELIANTHEAE (s.l.) subtribe EUPATORIINAE - boneset subtribe



A. altissima var. altissima (E. rugosum) - white snakeroot



B. (Kuhnia) eupatorioides var. corymbulosa - false boneset


EUPATORIUM - throughwort

E. altissimum - tall boneset

E. perfoliatum - common boneset, thoroughwort

forma truncatum

E. serotinum - late boneset

E. sessilifolium - upland or woodland boneset


EUTROCHIUM - Joe-Pye-weed

E. maculatum - spotted joe-pye-weed

E. purpureum - purple-node or green-stemmed joy-pye-weed


LIATRIS - blazing-star, gay-feather

L. aspera - lacerate or rough blazing-star

L. cylindracea - few-headed or cylindrical blazing-star

L. ligulistylis - northern plains or showy blazing-star

L. punctata var. punctata (var. nebraskana) - dotted blazing-star

L. pycnostachya - prairie or thick-spike blazing-star

L. spicata - sessile or marsh blazing-star

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